Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today's Inspiration: TV

So I normally don't write about 'pop' culture BUT I thought I'd break my own rules a bit today :) Back in the day, I was completely taken with true crime and thought that I would grow up to be a criminal psychologist. I was fascinated by the way the mind works differently for some people especially how some people distinguish right from wrong. I later decided that this topic was not one I should pursue as my livelihood if I wanted to retain any sort of sanity so I decided to study languages instead and just read true crime and watch crime shows :)

One of the shows I'm obsessed with on TV is Criminal Minds. It's been on for about 4 years now and I've been hooked since I first found it. I enjoy all of the characters and the story lines typically keep you pretty interested. So why in the world do I bring up this show on a jewelry blog??? Welllllllll, there is one character on the show named Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness. Her character is so quirky and lovable that I just can't get enough of her! BUT, most importantly, I LOVE how they style her! She doesn't fit into any category and they have her covered in crazy colors, funky jewelry and offbeat hairstyles! My mister most certainly must be tired of me talking about how I bet that character would buy my jewelry :) Oh! And she always has great glasses!

Look at how colorful she is! And check out the statement jewelry! I love her!

And look at how freaking cute she is in real life! Maybe the REAL person would buy some of our jewelry too! ;)

Aside from the bauble bonuses from the show, there's also the beaut bonus....
Matthew Gray Gubler, who was once a runway model and now plays Dr. Spencer Reid. Yum.
And *sigh* Shemar Moore, who plays Derrick Morgan. Good Lord I can't get enough of him! He's my one get out of jail free card with the husband :)
Ahh I love having free time to where I can take the time to post unimportant things like this! Hope you've enjoyed!


  1. You should get all ballsy and send the show one of your pieces. You never know -- they might put it on her.

  2. I'm so computer illiterate. I can't find your jewelry site. I'd love to check it out. Also, if you know anything about these, I'd love to find them and buy them. They're the coffee cup earrings from the episode where the serial killer asks out Garcia and then kills her after the date.