Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Holiday Open House

Seasons Greetings Y'all!!! Can you believe that Christmas is only four days away!?!? Unbelievable! I think I'm done with 99% of my shopping but I know many people still have lots left to do before the big day, much like my mister, so April and I decided to have an impromptu Holiday Open House! Actually, we were going to try and set up at the Flea Market but all of the booths were full so this was our backup plan and boy was it a good backup!

April has the cutest little midtown home that we had such a blast setting up in!

It seemed that everything we put on the neckforms sold within minutes so we kept having to refill them! What a great problem to have, eh? ;)

We had friends and family come from all walks of life and had a WONDERFUL time catching up with those we haven't seen in a long time!

April's ever-so-awesome beaded pins!

My new item - button rings! I have SO many buttons that I decided to give rings a try to use those puppies up! My mom, who rarely changes out her jewelry picked one up even!

Usually those ceramic white hands hold my glasses in our bathroom :) I picked them up along with two fists at a garage sale back when I was in high school for $3, if I remember correctly. I'm quite in love with them :)

We also had some good eats at the party! April's mom furnished most of it which I am SO grateful for since she is SUCH a good cook! There was some good gab shared around that table :)
And a closing shot of April working her magic and some of our awesome shoppers! For some reason, the shutters on my camera didn't open all of the way! Guess it was sleepy, much like I am today :)

This was SUCH a fun event to execute and the response and sales were awesome soooooooo we're pretty sure we'll be doing this again! Although next time around, we'll make sure and give a bit more of a heads up :)
If I don't talk to you all again before the holiday, know that we wish you all safe, happy and wonderful holidays!!!


  1. That looks like a blast! I was going to try and come, but we ended up going over to the almost-in-laws' house instead. I'm glad it was so successful for you ladies! Christine has done a few holiday open houses before, and they really seem like fun. Perhaps I'll have to try one now that I'll actually have a HOUSE to host it in! April's place looks lovely, by the way.

  2. wow that looks like so much fun, great to hear things were sold, I feel like all the open houses I've heard of were kinda flops sales wise