Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Tis One Of Those Seasons

Hello out there! A sparsely worded post for you filled with pictures from the Thanksgiving season! (Soon I'll have a jewelry related post ;)

We were thrilled to have my sis home for a week or so for the holiday! Night one the fam hung at our casa for three-way chili (a family fave) and some entertaining Rock Band!

A few days later, I finished teaching for the fall semester so we were able to scoot out of town a little early and found ourselves at the family cabin for three days of Thanksgiving celebrating! It was SUCH a wonderful trip away in the middle of the week that I SO wish we could all be there again right now!

We took some pictures by the swimming hole...

while MANY turkey vultures swarmed overhead.

We had some toddies and smoked some cigars

by the ginormous fire my pops built. That mighty fire continuously burned for three days straight! We spent lots of time by it :)

I shamelessly took a self portrait shot and ended up being pleased enough with it to post on the interwebs :)

We took many walks with the beast and my folks cute little monster who is still learning the rules of running free.

On one of our walks, we encountered a MASSIVE burn pile of leaves and shrubbery. Kinda cool and scary ;)
Towards the end of my sister's stay, we spent a night at my folks with my uncles and grandma decorating the Christmas tree. Leftover turkey cooked in an enchilada soup filled our tummies, checker games were played and won ;), and many laughs were shared that evening.
The beast tuckered out early so we had to dress him up in the Christmas spirit :)

There were SO many other wonderful memories made that week that I wish I had a picture for them all! It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone and that Christmas is only 19 days away! I have loads to do!!!
In other thoughts, I'm nearing my 100th post on this puppy and thought it would be fun to have my first giveaway! I'm not quite sure what to give away so I'll be needing your input! My options are: jewelry, switchplates or Christmas ornaments....whatcha think??? It will coincide with the Christmas season so, in a way, it's a small gift that I can give to you :)
My final diddy for the evening is a heads up to the OKC connection that THIS SATURDAY IS DELUXE!!!! I would LOVE to see some of your faces out there! Now off to work on things for the show! TaTa!


  1. You have such an awesome family, and it looks like you guys had a great time together over the holiday. I love the pic of you and your sis by the swimming hole!