Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Fuzzy Christmas

Backwards through Christmas. I'm lazy and there's too many pictures to move around so you're getting these photos backwards. Merry Christmas ;)

As many of you probably have heard or experienced, Oklahoma received a freaking blizzard on Christmas Eve! The likelihood of us experiencing a blizzard is slim enough but to have it land on Christmas is nearly impossible! I'm surely not complaining though because it was so beautiful and was surprisingly fun to be snowed in! Here's a photo recap filled with lots of animals...

I woke up Christmas morning to find only one door that would open to the outside world! The mister had to dig out a little pathway for the beast to make it outside. Here's the fuzzy man now showing how he always takes inventory of the yard before stepping out into it :)
Have I told you before how much the beast LOVES snow?! Almost as much as he loves the water! As with the water, he can get a little, er, over-excited and we have to calm him down quickly otherwise moments like this happen:
Even one of my fuzzbuckets got into the white stuff! This little lady does get to spend monitored time outside with us and typically LOVES outside time. She was a bit more hesitant this time around.
Another thing the beast loves about the snow is eating it! Yup, he will bury his snout in the snow and take large bites of it which is why I find this picture soooooo funny - it's evidence of his snow addiction!
Back to Christmas morning. Like I said before, only one door would allow us out of our house so the front yard/street/neighbors' yards became the beast's playground until we could get into the backyard. Luckily us and our neighbors spent plenty of time out there with him while we attempted to dig out our cars!
He's never felt such freedom in a city setting ;)
This was the sight out of the backdoor Christmas morning. It's fuzzy because I couldn't get the door to even budge to take a photo! Apparently, we were a prime location for snow drifts to form!
Due to all of the snow, pretty much all Christmas plans were cancelled so we spent Christmas Eve with just ourselves and lots of fuzzies. Here's one of us on Christmas Eve...notice I'm modeling my new glasses (finally!).
Just a few more! So, as previously stated, the beast loves snow. Even mid-blizzard. We let him run around in it for about five minutes and this is what appeared back at the door. COM.ED.Y.
The Christmas lights never looked prettier, especially the green ones covered in snow :)
Ahh, before the winter festivities began, we had one of our favorite imports pass through town with her two wonderful pups and equally wonderful husband :) Here's their newest addition after finally tuckering out for the night.
And here's the beast and his long lost brother. They are so in love with each other :)
And finally, myself and a fuzzier Santa than usual :)
We hope you had WONDERFUL holidays and remained safe throughout the big scary blizzard! I hope to post more this week since I have a week of vacation to play around in!!! I've already cleaned the house from top to bottom, finished three custom pieces, played some serious MarioKart and have spent lots of quality time with some quality fuzzbuckets :)
Until later!


  1. You always have such fun pics!! I LOVE it! So jealous of the snow you all are getting in Oklahoma. Us in Tennessee have yet to see even an inch! Blasted!!

    Happy Belated Christmas, btw. Glad to see it was a good one. P.S. The glasses are super classy!

  2. Your Christmas looks so fun!! It makes me want to spend my next christmas in a snowing country even more. Your dog is super cute!! HAHA. I bet you enjoyed yourself just by watching them enjoying themselves. ;)

    Have a delightful new year~

  3. Wasnt this white Christmas amazing? Our dog didnt know what to think of the snow...he wouldnt go out until we did and then after a moment, bravely plunged in to tag after his girl ;)
    Glad you had a great holiday, have a great 2010!~