Friday, December 18, 2009

Deluxe Recap & Holiday Sale!!

So last Saturday, April and I loaded up the car and headed to OKC for the third Deluxe show! We had a blast, as always, and LOVED seeing so many awesome crafters and old OKC friends!!! Here's a little taste of what you would have seen in our booth :)

As you can tell, we've ditched the drying racks (so now I can dry clothes for an army at home!) and have replaced them with our metal wall and this little stand April picked up for a buck at an auction! We are thrifty by nature :)

Our 'new item' table. We also had a holiday sale at this show! We gifted, to you, $5 off any necklace that wasn't brand new! We're thinking of continuing that for our show on Sunday (more info on that in a minute :)

I upgraded the ornament tree from a log to an actual mini Christmas tree that I used when I lived in teeny tiny apartments before I met the mister! Plus I had made so many more of the ornaments that I needed more room!

And look at how lovely April's new pins looked together!

I did some kickin' Christmas shopping at this show, as usual, but can't post pics of the purchases as some of my recipients follow this puppy! I CAN show you what we got for ourselves though! I picked up this awesome painting from Christine of Weather & Noise. It works perfectly in our bedroom! Look at how well the wood cutouts on the painting match our wall color! Fate I tell you :)

While I'm showing you my bedroom walls, why not checkout a few other handmade items we have hanging in there! This is an older painting that April's dad created. He is SUPER talented in abstract painting and we've been lucky enough to have been gifted two of his works of art! I'll share the other one on another post :)
This pretty painting is from a friend April & I've known for a lifetime. She doesn't have an online presence as of yet but rest assured, I will let you know when she does! This was my 30th birthday present from her :) I've got great friends!

And FINALLY, I would like to invite all of our readers to a holiday open house THIS SUNDAY at April's house! Look us up on Facebook for more information. Our page can be found here. We'll have this going on from 1-4. Light snacks and wine will be provided and all of our goodies will be available for your last minute shopping needs! SEE YOU SUNDAY!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad you guys had a good show! There were so many pretty things, your booth looked great!~!

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  3. Great! I am getting ready to do my first show this spring. I bought a couple new portable clothes drying racks so that I can display. Glad to see that yours worked out so well.