Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tea Anyone?

I bet you thought I forgot about you! Well, worry not, here I am! Life is pretty hectic but is great all around :) I've been working on LOTS of new pieces which I will share shortly. For now, I share a couple Halloween pics!

I really didn't have a good costume planned this year at all other than being a traditional white sheet ghost. About 4:30 on Friday afternoon, about 4 hours before our friend's annual Halloween party, I received a cute email with pictures of kids in fun costumes. One costume was a teabag made out of a pillowcase which I found hilarious! I figured I could make something like that out of that white sheet so I started cutting and hand sewing! I'm certainly not a clothes maker as you can tell by how large I made the neck hole but it was a lot of fun making my own costume! I filled the 'bag' with leaves from outside so the bottom was weighted with 'tea leaves' then I took the lid from our box of tea to make the hangy thing (that's a technical term). Finally, I made two earrings out of actual teabags for kicks :)

It was SUCH a fun costume! As the night wore on, the costume got more and more fun ;) Feast your eyes on this!

The mister was The Seventies. Yes, the entire decade :) And the beast was a cowboy! I'll have to put those pics up later.
So there you go, proof that I am alive and crazy as ever!


  1. Bahahahaha, you went as a tea bag, definitely unusual.

  2. now I bet you were the only one with that costume! looks like you guys had a great time. I didnt even dress up this did that happen?!

  3. You're the cutest teabag ever! I just want you to know that I'm fighting really hard to keep from cracking dirty jokes about this one. Really, really hard.

  4. Love the teabag earrings. Ha! So cute.