Monday, October 19, 2009

One of Tulsa's Gems!

Wow. Did I lie or what? I told you that you would be inundated with posts and it's been almost four days! My greatest apologies! Maybe an Indie Emporium post will make up for it :)

The show kinda really sorta rocked. Last year we were a little bummed because we had to break down early to make a wedding in OKC so this year we were stoked to be there the entire time! Sales were great, the crowd was great, the vendors had SO much cool stuff to offer and we just had a blast!

I don't have many photos from the event but here you go! Oh! Also important to mention is that our friend, Sarah from Santiquity, set up with us so the cool scarves and such that you see are from her! I totally got one of her scarves at the show and have been wearing it nonstop!

Below, you'll see some of Sarah's necklaces and zipper headbands, our new way of displaying our bracelets and our SUPER cool neighbors who I will have to link later once I find their card :)
Switchplates, half-price bin (score!), wire-wrapped rocks and various hair pins and buttons galore!
The night before the show, I made this little diddy. We have a wonderful banner which works GREAT for outdoor shows but we didn't have anything too spectacular for indoors. I refused to be without some sort of signage so I cut this stencil out of posterboard (which I am SUPER proud of because I can't draw worth crap!) and spray painted the image onto this board. Then I glued one of those necklaces with the unmovable beads on it as a bit of an accent. For a last minute project, I think it worked out pretty well!
Also new to this show were our metal grid walls! We've used drying racks for years but feel that sometimes our goods can get lost amidst all of the other necklaces hanging with. I investigated these walls and we decided it would be a good investment! I must say, they worked out great! Since we were on a corner spot, we were able to utilize the backs of the walls for display space! I got a great compliment from a great little lady that it seemed like a little store! Made me smile madly :)
Here's a look at Sarah's scarves. I now own the black and grey one on the top!
And now for my final presentable picture from the event :) Here's a random shot from 'the back of the wall'. We hung our earring display and some of Sarah's hair pieces back there. It was a great way for people to be intrigued by our booth BEFORE they even entered!
There are SO many wonderful things I could say about this show but I would much rather you come next year and find out about them by yourselves! Ha! ;) So did you go to I.E.? If so, what was your favorite part? If not, what's your excuse? ;)


  1. Oh my goodness. Your display is amazing in organization and size and beauty. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!


  2. You ladies had one of the most fantastic booths there! And I kept noticing your sign and how beautiful it looked, you did an awesome job! I'm glad you found a use for those unmovable beads. :-)

    My favorite part of Indie Emporium was probably the fact that so many people showed up! It warms my heart to see so many people want to support local artists and businesses. But the fashion show was a close second.

  3. Wow, I need one of those stands! Are they easy to put together and pack in a car?