Thursday, October 15, 2009


This post is WAY overdue as we've been without internet at home for weeks! I don't know how we've survived! That being said, prepare to be inundated with posts over the next few days :)

You may remember that a few weeks ago, we headed to the grand town of Okemah for their first annual Oktoberfest which I later found out was named Oklafest. We knew sales wouldn't be stellar but we went to support the town and to visit the inlaws! We lucked out with an absolutely gorgeous day and had a blast! Have some random photos!

The mister and April got all flippy on this contraption...

The beast was in tow and did great! He's becoming such a good festival pup!
Got to spend some quality time with some quality men; my mister, my effin-l (get it? f-n-l? :) and my bruddah in law!
Some footballs were thrown.

Some hats were bought.
Some strange faces were made.
Some photobombing was committed.

Some fun music was played.
Some goods were sold.
Some earrings were hung.
And some memories were made.

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  1. What a fun little weekend affair! I'm glad you ended up with so many nice photos to show us. It makes up for the time we had to spend without you. And the photobombing gave me lolz. I've never heard of that before, but the site was cracking me up.