Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Place for Everything

So last week was slightly crazy. I went back to teaching part time, but nearly with a full time teaching schedule! I was going nonstop between classes and my folks' business where I also work fulltime. Then Tuesday morning I started sniffling a little. Then Wednesday, a bit more coupled with some sore throat business. Be Thursday, I was full fledged sick. IT SUCKED. I was soooooo rundown and couldn't have been more excited for the long weekend! I finished almost ALL of my lesson planning last week so I could actually enjoy the long weekend!

We didn't do much this weekend except cook lots, watch the OU game, go to the South Tulsa Music Festival to see some fellow Okie awesome crafters, went to a pool party cookout with some fam and (the most exciting for me) REARRANGED!!! I LOVE to rearrange and all of the cleaning that comes with it! Ask my family :)

We spent Sunday rearranging the living room, complete with moving electrical lines and all that shocking jazz. I was SO pleased with that turnout that I thought I'd sweet talk the mister and see if he'd be ok with me rearranging the spare bedroom AKA my workspace!

I mean, the room functioned but I felt like there was some dead room in there and by rearranging, we could maximize our space to its fullest potential! Workspace before...nice, crowded, messy, disorganized, scrunched...

And now located in a not-so-cramped corner! I can see the street, the bushes and the beautiful outdoors better from my new vantage point and I've got MUCH more room to spread out when I work!
Here's the view behind the workspace from my spot lounging on the bed :)
The bed location before...
And now after! I think it feels SO much more cozy and makes the most of the little space we have in there :) I can't wait to go home and play around in there today! It's given me a great excuse to reorganize jewelry stuff!!!
There's something about reorganizing that makes my heart happy. Something very fresh and rejuvenating about it :) What makes your heart jump for joy? What made your long weekend?


  1. it looks really good!! i like both rooms a lot... i love to rearrange too! we've been here a month and a half and i'm already ready for some scooting! :) actually i rotated the table to a different direction just yesterday - so i guess i've already started! :)


  2. I hate to tidy my room! Opps.. that doesn't sound like what a girl should say. Lol. I have to agree, you room looks so much better now! :)