Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keeping Busy

Greetings! Hope you're up for a discombobulated post because have of my brain is present and the other is on the back of a milk carton :) There will be all sorts of random garble in this post!

How about a weekend recap? Well Friday night I headed over to Lovetts Gallery to greet folks for a reception in honor of the amazing Penny Painter. I got all dudded up in some fanciness, complete with heels and a little lip rouge! Stylin' I say ;)

Saturday morning, the mister and I got up and put to use our new bikes we found on Craigslist! Two Schwinns for sixty smackers! We rode to the Flea Market as this was its last Saturday until November (GASP!). My tush was sore but totally worth the ride :) After the FM, we rolled over to another building at the FairGrounds to attend India Fest! We ate our little hearts out, watched cool dances, oohed and awed over all of the beautiful outfits and picked an outfit up for myself as well! I lucked out and found the perfect Salwar outfit for TEN DOLLARS! A stunning three piece outfit for ten bucks! I was so stoked I danced around the kitchen in it for a bit :)

There was one more event going on this weekend at the FG and that was the Miniature Arabian Horse Show! There so SO many horses there that were about the size of the beast! The mister got a pic of a couple pulling a small carriage on his phone :) They were so freaking cute that I'm pretty sure I want one for my birthday :) Did I mention that I'm turning 30 next week?!?! Makes me a little weak in the knees! BARF! ;)

This is from the previous weekend when we checked out the South Tulsa Music Festival with the beast! We had to stop and take some family pictures :)

So what else is going on you ask? Well, I've been busy making new goodies in the evening, teaching during the day and trying to ignore the fact that a milestone bday is around the corner! Lucky for me, we have a show this weekend to keep my mind preoccupied! We will set up at the Broken Arrow Main Street Merchants Association Show this Saturday from 9-4! My grandpa LITERALLY lives on Main Street in BA so I LOVE to be a part of this show! Honestly, I'm not 100% certain which building we will be in but I will let you know ASAP! There will be lots of signage if you are out there :)

One big reason to come out and visit us is to see April's new necklaces she's been designing! This little lady has come up with a fantastic design that we can't wait to show off! We hope to see you!


  1. did i MENTION my momma raises mini horses? maybe the birthday wish can be arranged :) i love that you use your weekends to the fullest, lady! my weekend could have taken up 2 sentences. "slept. ate." okay, 2 words. -Leah

  2. You look totally hot in your new Indian outfit! I'm glad you guys had a nice little outing at the fairgrounds. I'm also glad that you decided to stop by and pay your local Craft Mafia a visit at the music festival. It was nice to see you!

  3. man i'm going to miss the ba show this weekend!! that is just wrong!!! love aprils new beading! drinks some night in like a week??