Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How About A Quickie?

Here's a quickie for you. So my laptop has crashed and is now with my friend and dear computer doctor. I'm hoping it has a chance of survival. Sooooo this evening I'm camping out at my folks house to a) use their internet, b) eat some leftover roast mmmmmmmm, and c) write a test for class tomorrow. It's hard for me to function without internet. Pity me, pity me. ;)

This weekend we're setting up a small booth in Okemah at their first annual Oktoberfest! Probably won't be much for sales but we'll get to hang out with the inlaws and hang in one of my favorite Oklahoma towns! Next weekend though we're setting up at the Indie Emporium! If you've never been or haven't heard about it before, you're kinda really sorta missing out. I'll post more about the show later as time draws closer and when I have internet! (cross fingers!)

Hope that quickie was as good for you as it was for me!

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah baby, that was an excellent quickie! I'm so sorry to hear about your sick laptop. I have been without internet before, and it's SO NOT COOL. How did you do at Oktoberfest? Even though you weren't expecting a lot of sales, I hope you were pleasantly surprised.

    Are you going to the viewing of Handmade Nation at Circle Cinema tonight?