Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well ladies and gentlemen, today is my thirtieth birthday! I can't believe it! Yesterday was a good day as it was the last day of my twenties! I took it all in and here I am today, 30 and loving it :) As I still have to work today, I figured I'd pass the time by uploading some old pictures (in no particular order) of ME! and remembering all I have accomplished in the past 30 years! Hope you enjoy the trip down my memory lane!

Ahh the awkward middle school years :) I think I was probably 14 or so in this one? Interesting to look back on my room back then...seems like it was in a transition phase...
High school era. Actually, since the hair was short and red, this was probably right after I graduated and started college! This would be some Walmart antics here.
Proof that I graduated high school!
One of the many church ski trips I went on. Many hours on a bus with 40 people always led to temporary insanity...
Looks like this was more than likely during my hippy 'not gonna shave' stage :)
Ahh the first taste of beer....
My true persona coming out...
Thirteen or so with our beloved Ebby! She was the only dog we had growing up! Miss that crabby, overweight pooch.
Have I ever told you I was obsessed with Garfield growing up? True story.
Tie-Dying at Camp Fire camp! I LOVED to tie-dye...which is why we're celebrating my birthday doing just that this weekend! I can't wait to transform some old clothes with bright colors!
Posin' I made that shirt too. And the bag I'm leaning on? Well, it's now my jewelry tool bag :)
I've always had a thing for wearing things on my head...including my butterbowl which I wore all of the time! The shelves I'm sitting in now live in our office as bookshelves! I used to play like behind those doors was my car and the bowl was my helmet :)
Family time in Jay, Oklahoma. Happy, carefree times. That's my granny behind me. Miss her like you wouldn't believe.
Sometimes I still feel like I need training wheels!
Christmas at my Great Granny's. I LOVED that tree. And I still wish I had those boots cause I loved them too!
Sometimes it amazes me what all I've gone through in life and I'm only 30 years into it! I still feel like a kid and I'm sure at times I still act like it! I'm stoked about the next 30 years and can't wait to see what they have to offer :)
Well this has been fun...for me at least ;) Thank you for the trip down memory lane and thank you all for making today WONDERFUL.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad that you have a positive outlook on being 30. In my opinion, that's still very young. So don't worry, you're not an old lady yet. :-)

    And the photos, omg SO cute!! You've always been such a pretty little thang. I think my favorite is the one with you holding Garfield because I think it's cute how baggy your shorts are on your skinny little legs. Precious!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. My childhood obsession was Tweety Bird. Silly kids. Great photos! I need to digitize some of mine.

  3. Awww, hope you had a happy birthday! What cute pics, reminds me a lot of the stuff I did as a kid and HELLO-- I was Camp Fire tie dyin' fool when I was a kid! Also loved dipping candles ;) we were so crafty even then...