Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Debut & Deets

It's the great debut of April's oh-so-uh-mazin' flower pendants! This little lady has been beading these pendants and then showcasing them on some stunnin' necklaces! Here's a taste of just a few of them! We'll have LOTS of them at the show this weekend!

BTW, here's the deets about the show! 9-4 at the Broken Arrow Community Center on Main Street! The building right next to the pool on the South end of Main Street! We so hope you come out to see us!!! Until then, enjoy some of our new goodies!

Notice my new zooming skills! ;)

A Taste of Lady April's New Goods!


This one looks like a sea urchin thing to the coolest urchin evah!

And a few of my goodies :)

Did a bit of copper wiring for this bad boy.

Old school 80's earring centerpiece. I kinda really like it. :)

And finally, one that shares a little OU coloring. I'm really NOT the sports person but the mister is so I support him and his interests. This was my attempt at connecting to his OU love...I made a necklace :)

Questions, Concerns, Comments?*
*I had a psych teacher in college from Boston who would say that phrase rather quickly in a strong Boston accent at the end of each lecture. Sometimes I find myself throwing it in at the end of class but it just isn't the same without the accent :)
See you all Saturday!

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