Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How About A Quickie?

Here's a quickie for you. So my laptop has crashed and is now with my friend and dear computer doctor. I'm hoping it has a chance of survival. Sooooo this evening I'm camping out at my folks house to a) use their internet, b) eat some leftover roast mmmmmmmm, and c) write a test for class tomorrow. It's hard for me to function without internet. Pity me, pity me. ;)

This weekend we're setting up a small booth in Okemah at their first annual Oktoberfest! Probably won't be much for sales but we'll get to hang out with the inlaws and hang in one of my favorite Oklahoma towns! Next weekend though we're setting up at the Indie Emporium! If you've never been or haven't heard about it before, you're kinda really sorta missing out. I'll post more about the show later as time draws closer and when I have internet! (cross fingers!)

Hope that quickie was as good for you as it was for me!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well ladies and gentlemen, today is my thirtieth birthday! I can't believe it! Yesterday was a good day as it was the last day of my twenties! I took it all in and here I am today, 30 and loving it :) As I still have to work today, I figured I'd pass the time by uploading some old pictures (in no particular order) of ME! and remembering all I have accomplished in the past 30 years! Hope you enjoy the trip down my memory lane!

Ahh the awkward middle school years :) I think I was probably 14 or so in this one? Interesting to look back on my room back then...seems like it was in a transition phase...
High school era. Actually, since the hair was short and red, this was probably right after I graduated and started college! This would be some Walmart antics here.
Proof that I graduated high school!
One of the many church ski trips I went on. Many hours on a bus with 40 people always led to temporary insanity...
Looks like this was more than likely during my hippy 'not gonna shave' stage :)
Ahh the first taste of beer....
My true persona coming out...
Thirteen or so with our beloved Ebby! She was the only dog we had growing up! Miss that crabby, overweight pooch.
Have I ever told you I was obsessed with Garfield growing up? True story.
Tie-Dying at Camp Fire camp! I LOVED to tie-dye...which is why we're celebrating my birthday doing just that this weekend! I can't wait to transform some old clothes with bright colors!
Posin' I made that shirt too. And the bag I'm leaning on? Well, it's now my jewelry tool bag :)
I've always had a thing for wearing things on my head...including my butterbowl which I wore all of the time! The shelves I'm sitting in now live in our office as bookshelves! I used to play like behind those doors was my car and the bowl was my helmet :)
Family time in Jay, Oklahoma. Happy, carefree times. That's my granny behind me. Miss her like you wouldn't believe.
Sometimes I still feel like I need training wheels!
Christmas at my Great Granny's. I LOVED that tree. And I still wish I had those boots cause I loved them too!
Sometimes it amazes me what all I've gone through in life and I'm only 30 years into it! I still feel like a kid and I'm sure at times I still act like it! I'm stoked about the next 30 years and can't wait to see what they have to offer :)
Well this has been fun...for me at least ;) Thank you for the trip down memory lane and thank you all for making today WONDERFUL.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Debut & Deets

It's the great debut of April's oh-so-uh-mazin' flower pendants! This little lady has been beading these pendants and then showcasing them on some stunnin' necklaces! Here's a taste of just a few of them! We'll have LOTS of them at the show this weekend!

BTW, here's the deets about the show! 9-4 at the Broken Arrow Community Center on Main Street! The building right next to the pool on the South end of Main Street! We so hope you come out to see us!!! Until then, enjoy some of our new goodies!

Notice my new zooming skills! ;)

A Taste of Lady April's New Goods!


This one looks like a sea urchin thing to the coolest urchin evah!

And a few of my goodies :)

Did a bit of copper wiring for this bad boy.

Old school 80's earring centerpiece. I kinda really like it. :)

And finally, one that shares a little OU coloring. I'm really NOT the sports person but the mister is so I support him and his interests. This was my attempt at connecting to his OU love...I made a necklace :)

Questions, Concerns, Comments?*
*I had a psych teacher in college from Boston who would say that phrase rather quickly in a strong Boston accent at the end of each lecture. Sometimes I find myself throwing it in at the end of class but it just isn't the same without the accent :)
See you all Saturday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keeping Busy

Greetings! Hope you're up for a discombobulated post because have of my brain is present and the other is on the back of a milk carton :) There will be all sorts of random garble in this post!

How about a weekend recap? Well Friday night I headed over to Lovetts Gallery to greet folks for a reception in honor of the amazing Penny Painter. I got all dudded up in some fanciness, complete with heels and a little lip rouge! Stylin' I say ;)

Saturday morning, the mister and I got up and put to use our new bikes we found on Craigslist! Two Schwinns for sixty smackers! We rode to the Flea Market as this was its last Saturday until November (GASP!). My tush was sore but totally worth the ride :) After the FM, we rolled over to another building at the FairGrounds to attend India Fest! We ate our little hearts out, watched cool dances, oohed and awed over all of the beautiful outfits and picked an outfit up for myself as well! I lucked out and found the perfect Salwar outfit for TEN DOLLARS! A stunning three piece outfit for ten bucks! I was so stoked I danced around the kitchen in it for a bit :)

There was one more event going on this weekend at the FG and that was the Miniature Arabian Horse Show! There so SO many horses there that were about the size of the beast! The mister got a pic of a couple pulling a small carriage on his phone :) They were so freaking cute that I'm pretty sure I want one for my birthday :) Did I mention that I'm turning 30 next week?!?! Makes me a little weak in the knees! BARF! ;)

This is from the previous weekend when we checked out the South Tulsa Music Festival with the beast! We had to stop and take some family pictures :)

So what else is going on you ask? Well, I've been busy making new goodies in the evening, teaching during the day and trying to ignore the fact that a milestone bday is around the corner! Lucky for me, we have a show this weekend to keep my mind preoccupied! We will set up at the Broken Arrow Main Street Merchants Association Show this Saturday from 9-4! My grandpa LITERALLY lives on Main Street in BA so I LOVE to be a part of this show! Honestly, I'm not 100% certain which building we will be in but I will let you know ASAP! There will be lots of signage if you are out there :)

One big reason to come out and visit us is to see April's new necklaces she's been designing! This little lady has come up with a fantastic design that we can't wait to show off! We hope to see you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kinda Like a Yeti

Remember how I talked about my sista being a singing sensation and getting the opportunity to sing with Curt Smith of Tears for Fears? Well here's some proof. Kinda. Unfortunately, you don't get to see much of her (guess the camerman was a bit more interested in Curt ;) BUT you can hear her sing two of TFF's popular songs! Every once in a while you can see a glance of her. Kinda like a Yeti. You thought you saw something but weren't so sure.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Place for Everything

So last week was slightly crazy. I went back to teaching part time, but nearly with a full time teaching schedule! I was going nonstop between classes and my folks' business where I also work fulltime. Then Tuesday morning I started sniffling a little. Then Wednesday, a bit more coupled with some sore throat business. Be Thursday, I was full fledged sick. IT SUCKED. I was soooooo rundown and couldn't have been more excited for the long weekend! I finished almost ALL of my lesson planning last week so I could actually enjoy the long weekend!

We didn't do much this weekend except cook lots, watch the OU game, go to the South Tulsa Music Festival to see some fellow Okie awesome crafters, went to a pool party cookout with some fam and (the most exciting for me) REARRANGED!!! I LOVE to rearrange and all of the cleaning that comes with it! Ask my family :)

We spent Sunday rearranging the living room, complete with moving electrical lines and all that shocking jazz. I was SO pleased with that turnout that I thought I'd sweet talk the mister and see if he'd be ok with me rearranging the spare bedroom AKA my workspace!

I mean, the room functioned but I felt like there was some dead room in there and by rearranging, we could maximize our space to its fullest potential! Workspace before...nice, crowded, messy, disorganized, scrunched...

And now located in a not-so-cramped corner! I can see the street, the bushes and the beautiful outdoors better from my new vantage point and I've got MUCH more room to spread out when I work!
Here's the view behind the workspace from my spot lounging on the bed :)
The bed location before...
And now after! I think it feels SO much more cozy and makes the most of the little space we have in there :) I can't wait to go home and play around in there today! It's given me a great excuse to reorganize jewelry stuff!!!
There's something about reorganizing that makes my heart happy. Something very fresh and rejuvenating about it :) What makes your heart jump for joy? What made your long weekend?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dustbowl Didn't Blow

This past weekend we trekked across the state and set up at the Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman, Oklahoma, home of the University of Oklahoma. I knew that the show had potential but one can never be too certain how things are going to turn out. Well, everything fell into place PERFECTLY for this show. The weather was beyond ideal, we had a kickin' location and the crowds never lagged! All of this led to some really really really wonderful sales!

I worked up until the night before the show getting goodies ready. Made forty new switchplates

Made lots of new pairs of fun earrings

Unveiled the vintage sewing pattern switchplates (HUGE HIT!)

Rigged up new earring displays out of old frames I had

These altered frames were hung from our tent with scarves and swayed beautifully in the light breeze we had all day! Our neighbors had a cool booth they built but it didn't make for the pretties backdrop for my earring display photos ;) C'est la vie!

We had a prime location on a corner near a parking lot and right across the road from the live music! It couldn't have been any better!

There were street performers, live music, great restaurants everywhere and absolutely wonderful people involved!

This was also the beast's first time to stay for an entire show! We built him a fort under the table to keep him out of the sun. He was mighty popular that day :)

Periodically, he would peek his head out the front of the table which would scare some people at first :) Always made us giggle :)

I thank all of those who ventured out and to those who organized the event! It was SUCH a great time!
I went back to teaching yesterday so my time is filled again with lesson planning and scrambling back and forth to various schools! It feels good to be back in the classroom again :)
OH! If you plan to be in the Tulsa area this Saturday, you should head to the Jenks Riverwalk for the South Tulsa Music Festival! I won't be set up BUT several AWESOME artists from our area will be there! The mister and I plan to scoot out there at some point. Maybe I'll see you there!