Friday, August 7, 2009

Wet & Wild Weekend + Newbies

Wow, I didn't realize how busy we've been making new stuff until I uploaded it all onto here! Wowzahs!

This weekend we are entertaining two of my mister's nephews, ages 11 and 7, and my cousin, age 11. Will be taking them to Big Splash tomorrow and Philbrook on Sunday if energy is left! P.S. Philbrook is free to all this weekend!!!

This evening we only have the nephews as I will be picking up the cousin tomorrow morning. The new nephs watched and helped with photographing and as a reward, I strung some little stone cross charms on some leather for them, per their request. They are wearing them with pride :) Now the mister is playing some hard core Rock Band with him while I finish up this and then I will join them to be the showstopping singer...literally ;)

So here's all the new goodies! We are gearing up for the five million fall shows we've got coming up! Yeah! I'll throw in some commentary here and there because I know how much you love it :)

April's bunch is first...

I'm loving this next one she made! Remember I'm a sucker for green...and for great design layouts!

STUNNING colors together!
You can't really tell from the photograph BUT that centerpiece is a really cool cube that hangs at a kickin angle. The background doesn't do the color of that centerpiece justice but trust me, it's a beaut :)

And who can deny how perfect this one is! I told her I thought that centerpiece looked like the world :)

And I LOVE this one. This is one that I would wear all of the time!

And this one is one of my, get ready for this, one of my ALL TIME FAVES of April's! You can't really tell how awesome the colors are on this one and I freaking LOVE the creativity of it! In my book, she made magic when she made this one!

And on to my lot.
This one showcases coins bought from the Great Wall of China, a place that is on my life's to-do list. Trust me, I will make it there someday!

This one would be perfect for someone who lives in the Swan Lake area in Tulsa :)

Those spots of yellow happiness on this one are old buttons! In between the buttons are reused seeds made into beads. This one just makes me smile :)

Super duper long lovely with a star centerpiece! Wrap it around a million different ways or wear it to your knees :)
And I'm not going to lie, I love this one. I deconstructed some old earrings, added in this and that and came up with this piece! It wears really nicely and can go with SO many things!

Ok, here's another one I really like of my own. Is it ok for me to toot my own horn?? ;) Could eventually be one of those I pull out for myself if I have it long enough! Not that I need to do that! Lord knows I have MORE than enough jewelry!
Yeah yellow and green doggy!!!
Finally, a little romanticism for you :)

So which one do YOU fancy???
Looks like I have a weekend with pre-teen boys planned! What are your plans?!?!? I hope whatever you do, you have a blast!

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  1. You girls always amaze me. Some of those must have taken HOURS to complete! This is difficult, but I think my favorite of April's is the one with the world as a focal point. And my favorite one of yours is the long one with the star.

    My weekend was mostly consumed by a Friday/Saturday class I took. It wiped me out, but it's over now and I'm glad. :-)