Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weddin' Business

I thought I'd post today about wedding jewelry :) I know SO many people who are soon to be hitched that I thought it would be a fun subject to discuss and play with! It's been about a year and a half since the mister and I went through our wedding and, not gonna lie, I actually miss all of the planning and festivities of it all! This way I can relive the fun planning all over again. Don't get me wrong, there's the not-so-fun planning as well but the girly stuff doesn't fall in that category :)

Since I'm somewhat on the subject of my wedding, er, I mean our wedding ;) I'll start with the jewelry we used! My awesome and eternally stylish grandma known as Mimi (a woman who has taught me SO much about style, creativity and how to be a strong woman), gave me a bag full of real pearls from a broken strand she had years ago. I had gone over to her house to see if I could find a good set of jewels of hers to wear for the wedding when she encouraged me to use those old pearls and make something new! So I did!

I had some vintage crystals that I used for embellishments and made a hook on the front for a bit of a different clasp. I wanted something that felt classy and vintage but that wasn't just your regular string o pearls. I had enough of the pearls left over that I made my two bridesmaids, my seester and my stinky BFF, necklaces and earrings as well. I coupled the remainder of the pearls with some light green pearls and crystals for their necklaces. And true to my 'one of a kind' motto, I made the two necklaces slightly different and let my ladies choose their own and keep as a gift to them.

They all worked out perfectly! And all thanks to my Mimi's pearls and a little handiwork. :)

Want to see the baubles in action? Well, ok!

Cheestastic! Unfortunately, you can't see the bottom of the necklace in this particular pic, BUT it hung down perfectly between the ladies ;) I'm one of those, 'flaunt it if you got it' girls! ;)

Mind you, we had our wedding in March outside which, in Oklahoma could mean a beautiful day, a snowy day or a rainy day. Well, it wasn't snowy or rainy but it was windy and chilly! Good thing we kept the ceremony short! You can pretty much see chattering teeth in this picture but you can also see their jewelry :) Aren't they pretty ladies??? Shivering and all!

Enough about my nups, how about someone else's??? Remember the party we had a few weeks ago since my friend from college was in town? Well, she got hitched a few years ago and the mister and I made a road trip to Louisville, Kentucky for her wedding! Also, that weekend was when we got the beast! Anywhoodle. I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid for the shindig! For my contribution, I made necklaces for myself and the other b-maid to wear. Behold...

That wedding was SO much fun! In fact, it was so much fun, I made faces like this all night! ;) The held the event in a really cool art museum there (the name of it alludes me) which had a jewelry exhibit showing while we were there! Perfect!

That is one beeeeeyoootiful bride!

So here's a few random pieces that I have always thought would be good for a wedding or have been used for a wedding!

I love the green and pink together in this one. Very 50's-ish I think :) I've always thought it would be cool for a bit of an offbeat wedding.

Sold this one at a show this summer. The woman who bought it planned to wear it to her daughter's wedding! What a compliment!

A long and lovely one. Hand wired vintage crystals paired with a vintage 'grape' pin, this one would be beautiful with a long, flowy, simple gown or for the mother of the bride or groom!

This isn't the greatest of photos of this necklace, my apologies. My mom is the one who called this one out as a potential wedding piece, and I must agree that it would be wonderful for a springtime garden type wedding!

This last little lady can be found in our Etsy shop.

I hope you've enjoyed this little (huge) wedding post as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you've got a hankering for more wedding inspired business, check out the Indie Bride forum or Offbeat Bride for some super cool inspiration, pics and discussions! They were passed along to me and I gladly pass them onto you! Enjoy ladies!


  1. You were such a hot bride!! As I was reading this blog post, my man saw your bridal photo and asked who you were. I told him that you were the girl I'm going to the flea market with this weekend, and he was like "Oh well can I come then?" Hehe, what an ornery boy he is!

    I think your jewelry would be perfect for a wedding. All your necklaces are so classy and feminine. I really love the first one with the funky flower centerpiece, but maybe that's because I'm an offbeat kind of girl. :-)

  2. b, these are all KILLER! i think you need a write up. can i pimp you to tulsa world or other? -leah