Sunday, August 16, 2009

She Rocks. Literally.

So my sister got the windpipes in the family, no doubt about that! She's always sung and does so BEAUTIFULLY.

As I mentioned a bit before, she spent the summer touring and working with Tears for Fears, hence why we traveled to Vegas this summer for the show. The opener for TFF was Michael Wainright for all of the shows and in all of the cities, he held a radio contest with the winner singing a song with him on stage. Well, in Portland, my sistah got to be his dueting partner!

So that's pretty freaking cool, right? Right.

TFF is composed of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. When they aren't working on TFF stuff, they each have their own music works going on and tour here and there. Curt Smith will be doing some shows in the LA area....and he's going to have my sister sing with him!!! Uh-mazing! You can see his words right here on his blog. It's that last little line that shares the news in his oh-so-sly way. I SO wish I could be there for it! So I could throw a tomato at her! KIDDING! Come on, we're still sisters so we've gotta harrass each other in some way ;)

If you'd like to check out other things my sis has been up to and read her words, check out her bloggy blog!

So cheers to her and her amazing accomplishments! She better buy me really nice things when she's a millionaire ;)


  1. Wow, your sister has an amazing voice! That song sounds like it was meant for her to sing it. And how sweet of you to brag on her. I can totally feel the sisterly love. ♥

  2. Oh wow, she sounds fabulous. Congrats to her!

  3. aw shucks!

    He held a you tube contest, not a radio contest. You can still watch some of the videos of the girls who auditioned on You Tube.

    No one had entered the contest in Portland so I was the "back-up back-up". The first time we sang it together was about 20 min. before he went on stage to start his set.

    Anywho, thanks Briana! Really made me blush. You know how us little sisters love the approval from our bigger ones! ;)

    P.S. you have some very flattering and attractive readers ;)

  4. Oh wow, she's sounds so amazing! Kudos to her!