Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh, To Be Young Again

This past weekend we had three little hams stay with us. And boy oh boy did they have a good time! And tired us out! Two nephews from my mister's side and my cousin. There is no real relation between them but try telling them that!

Friday night we played some video games, RockBand being the crowd fave and watched the movie Big. Remember that one?!? They loved it! I remember watching that one in the theater with my great granny :)

We cooked out burgers Saturday evening while the boys played like monkeys on the unfinished roof of the deck. The beast was less than impressed by their energy and hung out with the cats most of the weekend. In fact, to give the beast a break, I took him to the Flea Market with me on Saturday! It was his first time to go and he did great! He would sit while I shopped and welcomed all of the petting offered to him. He was a much more patient shopping buddy than my mister ;)
Did someone order a flame grilled steak?!?!

We spent about five hours on Saturday at Big Splash! We're working on making this a yearly event for the boys. I camped out in the shade, white white thing that I am, and finished the book Fool by Christopher Moore. Mr. Moore is one of my current faves :) My absolute FAVE of his is called A Dirty Job. Heeeelarious.
And see that green bathing suit I'm wearing? The mister picked that out and bought it for me! How good of a job did he do?!? I've trained him well ;)
The boys played until they couldn't play anymore!

Even though we set up the guest bedroom for the boys, they chose to bunk in the living room. I guess it made it feel more like a slumber party that way :)

Sunday morning we took our time and I fixed a heaping good breakfast! It's actually family fave and super easy, just a little time consuming. We grew up eating it on week-long family camping trips. We like to call it Creek Bank Breakfast.
Fry up some bacon and set aside.
Leave a little bacon grease in your skillet.
Cut up potatoes, onions, red, yellow and/green peppers.
Throw all of the veggies in the pan and fry them up. Season them with salt, pepper, garlic and my fave, jalapeno salt. Use anything else that may sound good to you!
Once the onions are transparent and you're starting to get some browning on the potatoes, crumble up some of that bacon on top.
Meanwhile, mix some eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a bowl like you're going to make scrambled eggs.
Pour the egg mixture over the veggies in the skillet and scramble it all in together!
And that's it! Put some cheese on it, salsa or Tabasco - whatever sounds good! Put it in a tortilla if you want or just eat it with a fork! Regardless of how you tweak it or eat it, it's sure to become a fave! And the best part is that it feeds many and reheats great!
After brunch and some Sponge Bob viewing, the mister took his nephews back to Okemah and I took my cousin back to Broken Arrow. I spent the afternoon then with my Papa getting him set up on Facebook! I think we're only lacking my grandma now and we'll all finally be on there! Crazy!
I've only got a few more weeks left until school starts back up and looks like I'll be teaching 3 to 4 classes! Add that on to all of the fall shows we'll be doing and it seems as though I'm going to be a busy little bee! Oh well, I work best in those situations :) Until later!


  1. Aaaaw, what cute boys! You seem like the type of person who would do really well with kids. I totally want to try out that breakfast dish sometime, it sounds awesome and I KNOW my man would love it.

    When you teach multiple classes, are they pretty much the same or are they on different levels?

  2. brunch sounds amazing! i love as many ingredients in my food as possible. any anything stuffed in a tortilla and covered in tabasco! sounds like a fun weekend lady! -leah