Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm taking you back to nature today. Most of these pictures are tad but old (as in a month or so ;) but regardless, I hope you enjoy!

My mister doesn't waste money on buying flowers for me, per my request, BUT he is GREAT about picking flowers from the yard and putting them on the kitchen windowsill to surprise me with. Makes me happy :)

A yummy salad made from goodies from the yard, minus the onion. Makes you hungry, eh?

Widdle baby watermelon from the garden! It is so cute, I don't want it to ever grow up! I want to dress it up in baby bonnets and diapers! Ok, not really but that would be mighty funny!

Remember my post about the zucchini bread? Well, if you do, you'd remember that we have SO many! And some of them are MONSTERS! As you can see below, there's a normal size one and then one of the monsters! And actually, they've even been getting bigger than that! Good thing we're big zucchini fans!

This pretty hibiscus bloom is from a plant that I can remember blooming around our pool when I was just a little kid! I've had it for about 6 or 7 years now and it hasn't bloomed in a few years. I was SO excited to see it bloom finally a little while back! I'm amazed by its age and it's beauty that never ceases :) Oh, and I guess when the mister was planting veggies, he dropped a green bean seed in its pot because there's now some green beans growing in it as well :)

And finally, one night the mister and I headed out in the backyard, when the beast started to bark and freak out at a tree! I went to investigate what was so exciting to him and was shocked to find a locust coming out of his shell! Growing up I LOVED to play with locust shells. I would stick them all over my clothes, on peoples' pillows, line them up to create a locust army and basically just had too much fun with these little prehistoric looking shells :)
This picture is from a few years ago at my fam's cabin where I found a bunch and made an army. I'll never grow out of playing with those things :)
So you can imagine my intrigue to see one actually coming out of their shell! Did you know that they bury themselves in the ground and hibernate for 7 years before coming out of their shells??? We had about 5 little holes in the ground where a few had come up from.
I was amazed to watch how they slowly came out horizontally and how bright their colors were! We watched this little guy for about 30 minutes while he worked his magic! It was really humbling, actually. It's little things like this that remind me of all of the amazing creatures we share this world with and wonders they hold.

Only a short time left of summer so enjoy your time outside and take the time to be humbled by nature. I know I will :)

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  1. Well my gosh, you guys are some gardenin' mofos! I bet it's like a botanical wonderland at your house. And omg I loved locust shells when I was little! It was like a little game, running around tree trunks and seeing how many I could collect. I remember having a ziplock bag where I kept them all, and it got to the point that my bag was completely stuffed full. Then my ornery little brother stepped on the bag, smashing every single one of them into a crunchy mess. I'm still mad about it. :-(