Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Happy birthday to my most bestest, smelliest, stinkiest, funniest friend ever!
A is for Arkansas, America (the band ;)
B is for babies, boys, barbies, Bernice, broom skirts
C is for Cove Lake, camping, Claremore, Cirque Du Soleil
D is for Dennys, Dodge Ram, doughnuts
E is for Ella, Eureka Springs, Endless Voyage
F is for ferrets, farts, funions, Faye, fatty
G is for gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
H is for home, hiccups, Handle, hashbrowns
I is for IGA, I doe dat!

J is for joking, Josie, Jeff Buckley
K is for KMFDM
L is for laughter, Laser Tag, labrae piercings
M is for Molly, Monique, Mustang, McDonalds, maylay
N is for the neon, no doze, new clothes
O is for OSU, OKC, the oldsmobile, oreos on fingers, open to the public
P is for popularity hat, Pinkie, poop, Perry, the Pub
Q is for queens. uh what?

R is for raves, rides
S is for stagecraft, scary sounds
T is for Tornado?, traveling together, Trainspotting, Tears for Fears
U is for Unique Thrift Store, Underworld
V is for Virginia, no ventana, Vegas

W is for wine coolers, Wookie
X is for uhhhhhhhh exes? ;)
Y is for You're hidin!, yellow hairdryers, yorkies, youth group
Z is for zany.

I wrote a poem for you Stinky! Isn't it the best? I hope to someday have it published :) Thanks for being there and for being the smelly girl that you are. I like you :)


  1. This is one of the greatest electronic birthday presents I have ever received! and those memories are just the tip of the iceberg. I love you too stinky stoo.

  2. I probably don't know her well enough to call her this, but I don't know her real name so Happy Birthday, Stinky!!!

    Your little poem was so sweet. I read every line, and although I don't get most of them, I can tell you two have lots of fun together. Very cute!