Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Drool Central

I'm kinda freaking out. Big time. It is official, I am selling jewelry at an actual store!!! These four pieces can be found at a SUPER cool store on Brookside in Tulsa called Sideways. There's also a few switchplates floating around there as well and should be more soon! It's made my day, my week, my month! Makes me smile from ear to ear :) And drool a little :)

This weekend we'll be set up at the Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman on Campus Corner. The weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL so I think you should def come out and see us :) AND we'll have the beast there so you should come and give him some luvin! I'm working on LOTS of new switchplates, many of which are made from old patterns! My mom is drooling over them :)

See you soon!!!


  1. Good work! I'm trying to work up the courage to ask a few places to consign my stuff.

  2. Congrats!!! That is so exciting! I would totally carry your work in my store too if I had one. I hope have fun and sell lots of goodies at the Dustbowl Arts Market!

  3. Thanks for following my blog! I've recently returned to posting steadily on after a lazy, blog-free summer vacation. Stop by and check it out!


  4. A warm welcome to the big Etsy family! Hee hee.

    Thank you for taking the time to participate in my giveaway. I hope you will make lots of money selling your beautiful jewelry and get to travel around the world soon! ;)


  5. Congratulations on Sideways! That's great news. Hope you guys had a good selling weekend down in Norman!~