Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cheers to Good Weekends!

How about a random post about my weekend for ya? I'm sure you all are DYING to know what I did ;)
This past weekend was a good one! In my book, last weekend started Friday during the day where I met up with my childhood bff who was in town, her little sister, her daughter and BOTH of their buns in the oven!!! I can't even tell you how many wonderful, awesome memories I share with them. We will forever be family :)

Friday night we went to a friend's surprise graduation party. We weren't expecting to stay late or for it to be anything crazy but goodness!, it turned out to be one of those great nights! We had a wonderful time with friends, laughed, danced and made great memories!

Saturday morning was a bit slow moving. The mister made his way out of town for a golf tournament while April and I met up with Holly of HollyRocks to peruse the Flea Market and grab some lunch! It was SUCH a good time! Holly is one of those people I want to have a small version of and carry her around in my pocket! Her stuff is awesome and so is she! :) And FYI, if you haven't made it to the Flea Market at the Tulsa Fairgrounds yet, you don't have many weeks left to go before it closes!!! I strongly encourage fellow Tulsans to go and check it out!!!

Saturday night we decided to have a slumber party in our living room on the blow up mattress! I've been having troubles sleeping lately so I thought it may help to try and sleep elsewhere...insta-slumber party! AND the beast got to sleep with us :) We watched a DVD of Bjork videos while I sang along and the mister stared at me. It was a fun night!

When we bought our house, we lived on that air mattress in the living room for about a month before we actually moved in! Hadn't camped out in there since then!
Before camping: After camping (2 1/2 years later!):
Sunday was one of the best days I've had in a long time simply because I never changed out of my pjs! I can't remember the last time I've had no obligations and have been able to just sit at home doing nothing! The beast spend his lazy day sunning on the deck :)
I can't believe we're already halfway through this week! I don't know about you but I am a HUGE Project Runway fan and can barely wait for the premier tomorrow!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! It's one show I will totally man up to being a huge fan of! A friend I've known forevAH is coming over to watch it with me :) CAN'T WAIT!!!!
This weekend I plan to hang out at the Flea Market with the beast (say hi if you see me!), spend some time at StreetCats taking pictures for their Facebook Fan Page (click to be a fan!!), crafting with some lady friends, working on more goods for the five million upcoming shows, and taking it easy before school gets back into full swing in a week!

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