Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Drool Central

I'm kinda freaking out. Big time. It is official, I am selling jewelry at an actual store!!! These four pieces can be found at a SUPER cool store on Brookside in Tulsa called Sideways. There's also a few switchplates floating around there as well and should be more soon! It's made my day, my week, my month! Makes me smile from ear to ear :) And drool a little :)

This weekend we'll be set up at the Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman on Campus Corner. The weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL so I think you should def come out and see us :) AND we'll have the beast there so you should come and give him some luvin! I'm working on LOTS of new switchplates, many of which are made from old patterns! My mom is drooling over them :)

See you soon!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How To Make Your Dad Smile

My dad celebrated his *cough cough* birthday on Sunday! The mister, myself, my mom, my mimi and uncle all gathered together for dinner at a local buffet style restaurant (my fave! no waiting for your food! :) I had planned to buy my dad DVDs of his beloved Mazeppa TV show from back in the day but was unable to track any down. Hmm. Plan B. So the mister and I headed down to Ida Red on Brookside where I bought some old school candy and Dad's cream soda. So what's so fun about candy and soda? Ahh, the possibilities of presentation, my friends!

I tore up an old sheet we had, placed all the goods inside.
Found a travel-worthy stick, tied a couple trusty knots and joined the two together to create this! All that was missing was a slingshot! But to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if I had already gifted him one of those over the years! He's a hardcore kid at heart.

After dinner, the clan headed to the parking lot where I bestowed his gift to him.

I think he got a kick out of it :)
Here he is fake-drinking his sugar-filled soda, complete with his 'giddabop giddabop' drinking noises.

So here's to my dad and his eternal youthful spirit! Happy Birthday Daddy! May you never grow up!...and I doubt you ever will :)

(this gem of a photo was taken about 4 or 5 years ago outside of McNellies in downtown Tulsa. He saw this mechanic's pulley, proceeded to hook it in his belt and lift himself up off the ground! Puts a smile right on your face :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy Hands

One of my favorite things about a lazy weekend is plenty of time to create! Here's what I've been up to...

Vintage locket centerpiece...

Can you tell I like green and black together?!?

The dainty centerpiece in this one is reversable, with a church on one side and a saint on the other. Super long for a super statement.

Fanciest roadrunner this side of the Mississippi!

I have had this centerpiece for quite a long time because I couldn't quite figure out what colors to use since it's a reversable piece and I wanted the colors to look good with each side! I finally figured it out!

Now to get back to work and make more for all of these fall shows! Until later!

Cheers to Good Weekends!

How about a random post about my weekend for ya? I'm sure you all are DYING to know what I did ;)
This past weekend was a good one! In my book, last weekend started Friday during the day where I met up with my childhood bff who was in town, her little sister, her daughter and BOTH of their buns in the oven!!! I can't even tell you how many wonderful, awesome memories I share with them. We will forever be family :)

Friday night we went to a friend's surprise graduation party. We weren't expecting to stay late or for it to be anything crazy but goodness!, it turned out to be one of those great nights! We had a wonderful time with friends, laughed, danced and made great memories!

Saturday morning was a bit slow moving. The mister made his way out of town for a golf tournament while April and I met up with Holly of HollyRocks to peruse the Flea Market and grab some lunch! It was SUCH a good time! Holly is one of those people I want to have a small version of and carry her around in my pocket! Her stuff is awesome and so is she! :) And FYI, if you haven't made it to the Flea Market at the Tulsa Fairgrounds yet, you don't have many weeks left to go before it closes!!! I strongly encourage fellow Tulsans to go and check it out!!!

Saturday night we decided to have a slumber party in our living room on the blow up mattress! I've been having troubles sleeping lately so I thought it may help to try and sleep elsewhere...insta-slumber party! AND the beast got to sleep with us :) We watched a DVD of Bjork videos while I sang along and the mister stared at me. It was a fun night!

When we bought our house, we lived on that air mattress in the living room for about a month before we actually moved in! Hadn't camped out in there since then!
Before camping: After camping (2 1/2 years later!):
Sunday was one of the best days I've had in a long time simply because I never changed out of my pjs! I can't remember the last time I've had no obligations and have been able to just sit at home doing nothing! The beast spend his lazy day sunning on the deck :)
I can't believe we're already halfway through this week! I don't know about you but I am a HUGE Project Runway fan and can barely wait for the premier tomorrow!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! It's one show I will totally man up to being a huge fan of! A friend I've known forevAH is coming over to watch it with me :) CAN'T WAIT!!!!
This weekend I plan to hang out at the Flea Market with the beast (say hi if you see me!), spend some time at StreetCats taking pictures for their Facebook Fan Page (click to be a fan!!), crafting with some lady friends, working on more goods for the five million upcoming shows, and taking it easy before school gets back into full swing in a week!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

She Rocks. Literally.

So my sister got the windpipes in the family, no doubt about that! She's always sung and does so BEAUTIFULLY.

As I mentioned a bit before, she spent the summer touring and working with Tears for Fears, hence why we traveled to Vegas this summer for the show. The opener for TFF was Michael Wainright for all of the shows and in all of the cities, he held a radio contest with the winner singing a song with him on stage. Well, in Portland, my sistah got to be his dueting partner!

So that's pretty freaking cool, right? Right.

TFF is composed of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. When they aren't working on TFF stuff, they each have their own music works going on and tour here and there. Curt Smith will be doing some shows in the LA area....and he's going to have my sister sing with him!!! Uh-mazing! You can see his words right here on his blog. It's that last little line that shares the news in his oh-so-sly way. I SO wish I could be there for it! So I could throw a tomato at her! KIDDING! Come on, we're still sisters so we've gotta harrass each other in some way ;)

If you'd like to check out other things my sis has been up to and read her words, check out her bloggy blog!

So cheers to her and her amazing accomplishments! She better buy me really nice things when she's a millionaire ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weddin' Business

I thought I'd post today about wedding jewelry :) I know SO many people who are soon to be hitched that I thought it would be a fun subject to discuss and play with! It's been about a year and a half since the mister and I went through our wedding and, not gonna lie, I actually miss all of the planning and festivities of it all! This way I can relive the fun planning all over again. Don't get me wrong, there's the not-so-fun planning as well but the girly stuff doesn't fall in that category :)

Since I'm somewhat on the subject of my wedding, er, I mean our wedding ;) I'll start with the jewelry we used! My awesome and eternally stylish grandma known as Mimi (a woman who has taught me SO much about style, creativity and how to be a strong woman), gave me a bag full of real pearls from a broken strand she had years ago. I had gone over to her house to see if I could find a good set of jewels of hers to wear for the wedding when she encouraged me to use those old pearls and make something new! So I did!

I had some vintage crystals that I used for embellishments and made a hook on the front for a bit of a different clasp. I wanted something that felt classy and vintage but that wasn't just your regular string o pearls. I had enough of the pearls left over that I made my two bridesmaids, my seester and my stinky BFF, necklaces and earrings as well. I coupled the remainder of the pearls with some light green pearls and crystals for their necklaces. And true to my 'one of a kind' motto, I made the two necklaces slightly different and let my ladies choose their own and keep as a gift to them.

They all worked out perfectly! And all thanks to my Mimi's pearls and a little handiwork. :)

Want to see the baubles in action? Well, ok!

Cheestastic! Unfortunately, you can't see the bottom of the necklace in this particular pic, BUT it hung down perfectly between the ladies ;) I'm one of those, 'flaunt it if you got it' girls! ;)

Mind you, we had our wedding in March outside which, in Oklahoma could mean a beautiful day, a snowy day or a rainy day. Well, it wasn't snowy or rainy but it was windy and chilly! Good thing we kept the ceremony short! You can pretty much see chattering teeth in this picture but you can also see their jewelry :) Aren't they pretty ladies??? Shivering and all!

Enough about my nups, how about someone else's??? Remember the party we had a few weeks ago since my friend from college was in town? Well, she got hitched a few years ago and the mister and I made a road trip to Louisville, Kentucky for her wedding! Also, that weekend was when we got the beast! Anywhoodle. I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid for the shindig! For my contribution, I made necklaces for myself and the other b-maid to wear. Behold...

That wedding was SO much fun! In fact, it was so much fun, I made faces like this all night! ;) The held the event in a really cool art museum there (the name of it alludes me) which had a jewelry exhibit showing while we were there! Perfect!

That is one beeeeeyoootiful bride!

So here's a few random pieces that I have always thought would be good for a wedding or have been used for a wedding!

I love the green and pink together in this one. Very 50's-ish I think :) I've always thought it would be cool for a bit of an offbeat wedding.

Sold this one at a show this summer. The woman who bought it planned to wear it to her daughter's wedding! What a compliment!

A long and lovely one. Hand wired vintage crystals paired with a vintage 'grape' pin, this one would be beautiful with a long, flowy, simple gown or for the mother of the bride or groom!

This isn't the greatest of photos of this necklace, my apologies. My mom is the one who called this one out as a potential wedding piece, and I must agree that it would be wonderful for a springtime garden type wedding!

This last little lady can be found in our Etsy shop.

I hope you've enjoyed this little (huge) wedding post as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you've got a hankering for more wedding inspired business, check out the Indie Bride forum or Offbeat Bride for some super cool inspiration, pics and discussions! They were passed along to me and I gladly pass them onto you! Enjoy ladies!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh, To Be Young Again

This past weekend we had three little hams stay with us. And boy oh boy did they have a good time! And tired us out! Two nephews from my mister's side and my cousin. There is no real relation between them but try telling them that!

Friday night we played some video games, RockBand being the crowd fave and watched the movie Big. Remember that one?!? They loved it! I remember watching that one in the theater with my great granny :)

We cooked out burgers Saturday evening while the boys played like monkeys on the unfinished roof of the deck. The beast was less than impressed by their energy and hung out with the cats most of the weekend. In fact, to give the beast a break, I took him to the Flea Market with me on Saturday! It was his first time to go and he did great! He would sit while I shopped and welcomed all of the petting offered to him. He was a much more patient shopping buddy than my mister ;)
Did someone order a flame grilled steak?!?!

We spent about five hours on Saturday at Big Splash! We're working on making this a yearly event for the boys. I camped out in the shade, white white thing that I am, and finished the book Fool by Christopher Moore. Mr. Moore is one of my current faves :) My absolute FAVE of his is called A Dirty Job. Heeeelarious.
And see that green bathing suit I'm wearing? The mister picked that out and bought it for me! How good of a job did he do?!? I've trained him well ;)
The boys played until they couldn't play anymore!

Even though we set up the guest bedroom for the boys, they chose to bunk in the living room. I guess it made it feel more like a slumber party that way :)

Sunday morning we took our time and I fixed a heaping good breakfast! It's actually family fave and super easy, just a little time consuming. We grew up eating it on week-long family camping trips. We like to call it Creek Bank Breakfast.
Fry up some bacon and set aside.
Leave a little bacon grease in your skillet.
Cut up potatoes, onions, red, yellow and/green peppers.
Throw all of the veggies in the pan and fry them up. Season them with salt, pepper, garlic and my fave, jalapeno salt. Use anything else that may sound good to you!
Once the onions are transparent and you're starting to get some browning on the potatoes, crumble up some of that bacon on top.
Meanwhile, mix some eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a bowl like you're going to make scrambled eggs.
Pour the egg mixture over the veggies in the skillet and scramble it all in together!
And that's it! Put some cheese on it, salsa or Tabasco - whatever sounds good! Put it in a tortilla if you want or just eat it with a fork! Regardless of how you tweak it or eat it, it's sure to become a fave! And the best part is that it feeds many and reheats great!
After brunch and some Sponge Bob viewing, the mister took his nephews back to Okemah and I took my cousin back to Broken Arrow. I spent the afternoon then with my Papa getting him set up on Facebook! I think we're only lacking my grandma now and we'll all finally be on there! Crazy!
I've only got a few more weeks left until school starts back up and looks like I'll be teaching 3 to 4 classes! Add that on to all of the fall shows we'll be doing and it seems as though I'm going to be a busy little bee! Oh well, I work best in those situations :) Until later!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wet & Wild Weekend + Newbies

Wow, I didn't realize how busy we've been making new stuff until I uploaded it all onto here! Wowzahs!

This weekend we are entertaining two of my mister's nephews, ages 11 and 7, and my cousin, age 11. Will be taking them to Big Splash tomorrow and Philbrook on Sunday if energy is left! P.S. Philbrook is free to all this weekend!!!

This evening we only have the nephews as I will be picking up the cousin tomorrow morning. The new nephs watched and helped with photographing and as a reward, I strung some little stone cross charms on some leather for them, per their request. They are wearing them with pride :) Now the mister is playing some hard core Rock Band with him while I finish up this and then I will join them to be the showstopping singer...literally ;)

So here's all the new goodies! We are gearing up for the five million fall shows we've got coming up! Yeah! I'll throw in some commentary here and there because I know how much you love it :)

April's bunch is first...

I'm loving this next one she made! Remember I'm a sucker for green...and for great design layouts!

STUNNING colors together!
You can't really tell from the photograph BUT that centerpiece is a really cool cube that hangs at a kickin angle. The background doesn't do the color of that centerpiece justice but trust me, it's a beaut :)

And who can deny how perfect this one is! I told her I thought that centerpiece looked like the world :)

And I LOVE this one. This is one that I would wear all of the time!

And this one is one of my, get ready for this, one of my ALL TIME FAVES of April's! You can't really tell how awesome the colors are on this one and I freaking LOVE the creativity of it! In my book, she made magic when she made this one!

And on to my lot.
This one showcases coins bought from the Great Wall of China, a place that is on my life's to-do list. Trust me, I will make it there someday!

This one would be perfect for someone who lives in the Swan Lake area in Tulsa :)

Those spots of yellow happiness on this one are old buttons! In between the buttons are reused seeds made into beads. This one just makes me smile :)

Super duper long lovely with a star centerpiece! Wrap it around a million different ways or wear it to your knees :)
And I'm not going to lie, I love this one. I deconstructed some old earrings, added in this and that and came up with this piece! It wears really nicely and can go with SO many things!

Ok, here's another one I really like of my own. Is it ok for me to toot my own horn?? ;) Could eventually be one of those I pull out for myself if I have it long enough! Not that I need to do that! Lord knows I have MORE than enough jewelry!
Yeah yellow and green doggy!!!
Finally, a little romanticism for you :)

So which one do YOU fancy???
Looks like I have a weekend with pre-teen boys planned! What are your plans?!?!? I hope whatever you do, you have a blast!