Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There are SO many reasons why I love the Woody Guthrie Festival. First things first, it's where I met my mister :) Neither of us were in the market for love and really, we were both pretty jaded! It was one of those cliche moments where when we first met, we just knew. I don't think we missed a day of communication after that first day we met. We didn't even live in the same city but six months later we did! It's always special to go back and reminisce about that meeting. It's fun that a festival is the anniversary of our meeting! This will be our fourth year! Weird!

Enough about us though, how about more festival info!?! The festival officially starts this evening and ends on Sunday and it's FREE! The big nights are, of course, Friday and Saturday. It's held in Okemah, OK which is the birthplace of Woody and my mister :) It's a mere hour away from Tulsa and the same from OKC so it's easy to just make it a day trip! It's equally as easy to set up camp and stay the weekend too! ;)

Okemah has the most beautiful sunsets! The town also offers a lake, a really cool mainstreet, Grape Ranch Winery, a kiddy festival in the town park, music galore ALL DAY LONG and wonderful people who make you feel right at home!

I usually spend at least one full day at the Winery because it's just too great to not! It sits on the North Canadian River and offers wine (duh!), beer, Frozen Rose wine slushes (mmmmm), bocce ball, LOTS of music and beautiful grape fields you can stroll through! You can also camp there in a gorgeous grove of trees right on the river. That place is truly a treat.

In the evenings, they have music in the Pastures of Plenty (taken from a Woody song, of course) and this is where families, young and old, come to share in the beautiful music and feel at home. I will be honest, this type of music isn't typically the type that I put in my car and listen to alone BUT out there, I can't imagine anything else. It is so peaceful and warm that it makes you feel good all over :)
I'm heading that way tomorrow after teaching is done and I CAN'T WAIT! I can't wait to see old friends from afar, to feel at peace, to celebrate the anny of meeting, to see my inlaws, to share new creations, to take a small vacay, and to just feel good :)
If you come, I promise you won't be dissapointed :) Come and rejuvenate out there with me!


  1. I'm really going to try to convince MY mister to take me. I could use a nice little fun-filled getaway myself. Plus you make it sound like a blast!

    As for how you met your man, I think it's so cute. My guy and I sort-of came about the same way; neither of us had any hopes of meeting anybody worth staying with. But low hopes don't mean a thing when that person walks up and stares you in the face. We like to reminisce about the good ole' days too. :-) Have fun!

  2. I love how you two met! so cool!