Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Woody was a Goody

Woody '09 is done! And it was a GREAT time. Perhaps one of my favorite years so far! We had LOTS of friends out there with us and even though it was ridiculously hot, we had waaaaaay too much fun!

My hottest sellers this year were my Michael Jackson switchplates. I HAD to make some for my homage to the man who shaped my musical taste. Here's a pic I snapped in the middle of making them.

If you recall, my mister is from Okemah, therefore, my inlaws are all situated there! We spent a lot of time with my father in law who is pretty much the greatest man ever! Here's a shot of their new baby calf who thinks he's a dog. :)

I mentioned before that Okemah has the most beautiful sunsets and here's proof of that!

In celebration of our fourth anny of meeting each other, the mister and I sat down with one of our neighbors for a caricature! Neither of us had either done one before so it was a fun little experience :)

Since sales ended late into the night, we ended up staying up way too late each night. It was well worth it though :) Lots of laughs were had in the middle of the night! Mornings were a little rough though with the scorching temps and little sleep. The mister caught a bit of the misery in me with this shot ;) I will say though, the temps in the evening were PERFECT. We had a wonderful breeze all weekend that actually made it a bit chilly sleeping, believe it or not!

Here's the booth! We were situated in between The Purple People (if you've never heard of them or ran into them, check it out...interesting...) and Tie Dyes of Tulsa (we bought the mister some tighty dydies from them ;)

A good friend of mine caught this shot of another friend shopping. I thought it was a cute one AND what a great plugging of the biz ;)

And finally, myself and the Schmapes working! Again I'll say it, it was an absolutely wonderful weekend with lots of old, missed friends! I'm already ready for next year!

Our July is FAR from over! This weekend, the mister and I are flying out to Vegas to meet up with my little sis and her mister! They are on the crew for Tears for Fears and they will be playing a show in Vegas on Saturday which we're going to! I can't wait to hang out with my sis, take a fun trip with the mister, see a good show and to just get away for fun!!! I'll update about the trip once we've returned. I swear, this month is just a blur! The beast is going to forget what we look like! ;) OH! and we found a home for the pup!!!! Yeah!!!


  1. That looks like SO much fun!! My brother was telling me today that I should have gone, and I just had to agree. I didn't know you were setting up a booth, it looks very nice though. And so does your banner, look at what a professional craft show mama you are!

    Your Vegas trip sounds like a blast. I was just listening to Tears for Fears on my way home from work today. I only have "Head Over Heels" on my ipod, because I love that song and sometimes listen to it over and over again. If you want a quick laugh and you've never seen this before, you should do a youtube search for "tears for fears literal video". And if you like that one, check out the literal video for "total eclipse of the heart", which is actually way funnier. I'm a dork though.

  2. Way to cash in on pop culture heppenings! Looks beautiful and like much fun. Keep up the awesome!

  3. Great coverage of the weekend!
    I wish I would have known you guys were there!!!
    Great pics! Hope to see you guys soon..