Monday, July 20, 2009

With Heavy Eyes

With heavy eyes, I write about our trip to Vegas! I believe all of these pictures are wildly out of order so please, pardon my laziness to put them in the correct order :)

We left Friday morning and arrived mid afternoon to our hotel, the Luxor. We had had some toddies and a massive dinner so we decided to take a little nap...that ended at 6am! We slept away our first night in Vegas! Oops! But it turned out great because we got all day Sunday to putz around the town before it got too hot and too crowded. In case you don't know, the Luxor is the pyramid shaped hotel, has slanted rooms and Egyptian themed everything. To be funny (and annoying ;) I kept referring to our hotel as China. I even made a song and everything :) I'm a joy to travel with :)

This is a REALLY creepy picture my mister caught of me at the Tears for Fears concert we attended. It really freaks me out but it is pretty cool!

A view of the show. The concert was held in Henderson at the Green Valley Ranch Resort just outside of Vegas. The stage was set up right next to the pool so you could do some wading while listening to a little TFF goodies!

The mister caught me singing and dancing :) It was a wonderful night.

I believe this was like at 7 in the morning when we were trekking along the strip. It's an action shot of us walking.

My widdle sister is part of the crew for TFF this tour, which is why we got such awesome perks for the show. I hadn't seen her since Christmas, I think, so it was awesome to get to hang out with her for a bit!

Here's us and one half of the original TFF, Curt. His two little girls were at this show as well as the drummer's daughter. I thought it would be fun to make the three girls some necklaces which I totally forgot to take pictures of! Duh! On one of the last songs, Shout, they had all of the little kids up on stage to sing with them and I noticed a couple of them wearing their new necklaces. So cute!
Everyone in the band is super nice and it was awesome to see them all again!

How cute is this!?! My mister and my sister! :)
Taking a little break from singing and dancing. I bought that dress in one of the casinos, believe it or not. You can wrap it literally 100 different ways to make it a shirt, a dress or a skirt. It's SOOOOOO cool :) I heart it big time.
The concert venue before the sun set. Perfect weather, perfect venue, perfect show!

Only fair that the mister got a freaky picture of me that I get one of him. How weird is this one?!
Couldn't refuse the urge to throw out a couple of bucks to have my picture taken with Elvis :)

Look! An actual proper picture of us!

We FINALLY got back last night to stumble upon a beautiful Oklahoma sunset :) I was on the phone with my sister to let her know what a great time we had and that we had made it home safely! So again, thanks, Af! It was very memorable and a blast and a half!


  1. Wow, it looks like you had a ton of fun girlie!! In that first picture of you and your sister together, you two look SO much alike. I had to do a double take to tell which was you. It's awesome that you made necklaces for TFF Jr. You're so considerate! I lol'd at the Elvis picture. What would a trip to Vegas be without the king?

  2. AUH-MAZING! glad you got away. you both look so happy!

  3. It all looks & sounds so fun! All the pics are great!