Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Lil Bit of This, A Lil Bit of That

I feel like I have so much to tell you but honestly, I can't remember it all nor know where to start! I'll do my darnedest though and will throw in some bauble pics for you in between it all :)

As you know from my last post we acquired a temporary puppy which has taken up a lot of my blogging evenings. We are trying with all of our might to find him a good home but are letting him hang out with the beast until that home is found. He's a squatty little half beagle half basset creature and is full of personality. Some of the things he does just crack me up! I think he'd be great in a home with young kids who can match his energy and can all grow up together :) If you know anyone who might be in the market for a pup named Freeman, let them know we've got the pup for them!

In gardening news, we have SOOOOOOO much fresh produce!!! Fresh lettuce every night, tomatoes in this and that, squash prepared a million different ways, jalapenos in everything you can think of and so much more! We have a good friend who is SUPER talented in the kitchen who proposed a food trade with us - we trade produce from the garden and she brings us something yummy! I think we won in regards to who got the better end of the deal as she made us lemon cheesecake bars!!! I took pictures before we gobbled them all up but of course they are still on my camera. ;) I'm not going to lie, lemon typically isn't my favorite but I put all of my faith into 'the lucky one' and my taste buds were wonderfully rewarded!!! Her and some other equally culinarily (is that a word?!?) talented ladies have a REALLY enjoyable food website found here. If you click the header at the top of her page, it will take you to the other ladies involved in Pretty Girls Use Knives. It is really worth some perusing!!

My folks returned from their Ireland excursion last week so I was able to take a few days off work and spend some time with an old friend and her little girls at Big Splash! With 100+ degree weather, Big Splash is like a little taste of heaven...if you can tune out the other couple hundred people there ;)
Also got to spend time with my old roommate who recently moved back to Tulsey Town last month! Lots of little reunions have been happening around these parts! One more reason to love summer :)
If you remember, last weekend was the OK Green Fest show at the Riverparks Amphitheater. The forecast for Saturday was predicting SUPER toasty weather so April and I did our best to plan for a warm show. We loaded up an ice chest with some beverages and rags to soak in ice water, some misting fans and the canopy for a little shade and went for it full steam ahead! We were SO lucky to get there early and set up under practically the only tree out there and to have an awesome breeze all day long! Unfortunately, the high temps deterred people from coming to the festival so attendance was mighty low and sales were few and far between. We did meet some really awesome people though and had a great time laughing with each other as always!!!

I am super excited because tomorrow one my favorite people is flying in from D.C. to hang with me for the holiday this weekend! This particular friend somehow has survived an around the world trip with me and still likes me! Ha! I'm working on a custom piece for her that I'll post more about later :)
This fourth of July marks the one year anniversary of a scary accident my dad had with some large scale fireworks.
Long story short:
It was the fifth year or so that my dad had set off a fairly large fireworks show for their cabin community. Very skilled in fireworks and very very safe, as always, we trusted him fully when working with the explosives. Unfortunately, last year for reasons unknown, he had a large box of fountain type fireworks go off in his face and into his mouth. Following the accident, he spent three days in a drug-induced coma in the burn unit at a local hospital to make sure his throat and lungs were not affected by the explosion. I don't know that I've ever been so happy than the day he woke up! Lungs and throat were fine but mouth, lips and face had some burns that took some time to heal.
Moral of the story:
Even though fireworks are beautiful, they are incredibly dangerous and all should exercise extreme caution when playing with them! Even the smaller ones can do some serious damage!
Ok, I'll quit being a mom now ;) I DO wish you all a wonderful and fun-filled holiday!!!

And FINALLY, mark your calendars for the Woody Guthrie Festival!!! This festival is in Okemah, OK (Woody's hometown, the hometown of my mister AND where we first met!) and is July 10 -13th. This is most definitely a family friendly event and one you will never forget! The entire town has something going on everywhere; music on mainstreet, open mic, Grape Ranch Winery on the North Canadian River, a kiddy festival, Okemah lake, a local pool, lots of good food, music every way you look, camp grounds, pickin' fields, the rolling hills of Oklahoma and me :) Sold you yet??? OH! And it's only an hour away from Tulsa! Score! I'll post more on this fun weekend as time draws nearer.

Again, I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend! Ta Ta!


  1. Happy Fourth of July and hope you find a good home for Freeman soon.

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

  2. It sounds like you are one popular girl! You've got all kinds of friends coming around to see that smilin' face of yours. Your produce-for-cooked-food trade sounds awesome, and so do the lemon cheesecake bars.

    The firework incident sounds terrifying, but I'm glad to hear he'd ok. Have fun at the Woody Guthrie Fest!!