Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Fourth

This past weekend two DEAR old friends of mine joined myself, the mister, the beast and my folks at their cabin for the annual 4th of July celebration. It was SUCH a great time to catch up, eat great food, swim, explore, see poisonous snakes (!), and laugh until it hurt!

The beast did his part by looking so handsome everywhere he went and kept those unruly small dogs in line :)
The beast ALSO won the doggie costume contest!!! I was SO proud and couldn't stop smiling! We dressed him in drag as a Hawiian beach bum :) He kept those sunglasses on FOREVAH! He's such a trooper :)

Since my pops had the little fireworks accident last year, he has stepped down from that job and took up gate security this year! This is him looking all tough and Golden Drilleresque. I seriously used to think that that statue was my dad when I was little!

After a chilly swim in the creek...

Of course for my family, apparently we can't get through a Fourth celebration without a little accident! We took a turn a bit too fast in the golf cart and tipped it! My import scraped up her back and elbow while my mister skinned his elbow and got his foot stuck under the cart. After a trip to Urgent Care, we found that the foot isn't broken but is badly bruised. He's hobbling around but is doing well! So now I'm babysitting him AND the puppy that STILL NEEDS A HOME!! Hint, hint ;)

No worries though, despite the injuries, we still had a great time! Dancing by all and more laughs!

On one of our exploring trips we found the water tower which the beast checked out for us. Isn't this a cool picture?! I shall leave it as a parting shot :)

Stay tuned for another post today about the Woody Guthrie Festival!!!

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  1. I love your beast. He's got so much character. It makes me want a beast of my own. And knowing that you've got an extra beast to give away, you're killin' me, lady!

    I'm glad you had a happy holiday weekend. The pic of your dad cracks me up. He's lookin' kinda studly in that photo. Lol, I totally just called your dad studly.