Friday, June 12, 2009

Told You So!

Told you we've been busy! Here's my newbies...

This one is my FAVE! It is SUPER long and that 'centerpiece' is a vintage button! The tassel sort of embellishment can be moved around so you you can wear the centerpiece to the side, double the necklace or just wear it long and centered! There's a hidden clasp behind the button so you can wrap it until the cows come home :)

How pretty is this? I thought it would be fun for an offbeat wedding...

This one involves two really cool old earrings as the side focal...

My super cool cousin recently returned from some European gallivanting and brought me back some really kickin beads. The drop on this one is from London, if I remember correctly...

April has seriously been a machine lately! She's making so many new fantastic things, I just may have to do some trading with her!

A creative slant on our patriotic colors! I LOVE that centerpiece!

This one is my fave from her new bunch. The component which all of the bangles hang from is an old watch clasp! How freaking creative!

I'm a sucker for hand linked things too so of course I fancy this one as well :)

And my second fave from this bunch :) I don't think I need to tell you why, just look at it!

Hope you enjoy our new goodies! Why are we making so many new things, you ask? Well, we've got a show in two weeks, the OK Green Fest, on June 27th at the Riverparks Amphitheater AND the Woody Guthrie Festival (my fave!!!!!!!!) is right around the corner! More info on both of these shows later. Have a great weekend!