Monday, June 1, 2009

Sales, Switchplates, Sex and Sunshine

I am being VERY bad right now! I start teaching tomorrow so I should be lesson planning but instead, I'm blogging! Procrastinating at its finest ;)

This weekend was a busy one! If you remember, we had our neighborhood garage sale on Saturday which we participated in. I wanted to be ready for the 7am shoppers so we got up at the buttcrack of dawn to get things going.

Yes, that is the broken canopy from Blue Dome! I'm afraid to say, that was its last time to set up under our ownership. It took WAY too long to rig up and to keep standing so we decided to put that one on the free side of the curb and to just buy another one! The last time we had a garage sale we had high expectations and they were not met at all so this time, we had no expectations and were pleasantly surprised with the turnout!! Setting up earlier was a good idea too :)

Of course I set up our jewelry and switchplates for the sale! My highlight was having a gentleman from the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens come and buy some switchplates for the Garden Center! Yeah! Makes me so happy knowing that they are going in such cool businesses! I also wanted to make it known that they are having a big shindig out there next Saturday to celebrate their third year in business! I believe they are giving away some cool plants! The other cool thing to happen was to be commissioned to do switchplates for a local aquarium shop! We have four tanks ourselves so we are obviously huge fish fans. I'm so excited to do this! All thanks to a garage sale!

Speaking of the garage, I have this mirror that lives out there that I thought I'd talk about since it seemed to get some unexpected attention at the garage sale! When I was fifteen or sixteen, I took one of those mirrors that attaches to the back of closet doors and, true to form, glued things all over it! Actually, I had a purpose for my cutting and pasting...I was making a statement about how America is image and sex obsessed. I cut out any sort of phrases that had anything to do with sexuality and posted them around the edge of the mirror with the title reading 'People Are Talking About the American Obsession with Sex'. The border for the middle was Victoria's Secret magazine titles meant to remind us of the vanity of people. I guess I was an interesting child?! ;)

The little frustrated man at the bottom always makes me laugh. I used this mirror religiously until I moved into my current house so now it lives in the garage so we can have a quick looksy at ourselves before heading out! I've thought about selling it but received some strong opposition from some who have known the mirror as long as its been around. Everything is sealed on it and is still in great condition. Maybe I can somehow find a place for it in the house...

I still find great humor in reading all of the little clippings on it. Here you see a reflection of the mister manning the g-sale.
Now to completely change subjects! Our garden is going CRAZY!!! We've got radishes out the wazoo and the squash, green peppers, jalapenos and tomatoes are starting to show their heads! Still waiting for the zuchinni, green beans, okra, watermelon, red peppers, and a few other things I can't think of! I can't wait until more stuff is ready to eat!

And finally, my mister built us a fire pit! We had a little chiminea that worked well but was busted during the ice storm. We rigged it up to where it could still be used but the mister had big plans to build a pit and finally did it! He even put larger rocks in front of the chairs for a foot rest ;) So we've been spending some nice time out there watching the beast run around with his new bff, a Vizsla we'll call lady who was rescued by a good friend of ours.

Such a good, productive weekend! Now I need to be productive with my lesson planning! Ta Ta!


  1. I'm glad your garage sale went well! I love that you were able to pull some customers out of the deal. You little saleswoman you, slingin' switchplates!

    How long does it typically take you to write a lesson plan? Do you do a bunch of them at once, or one at a time?

  2. Cool mirror! I had one in HS too that I covered with band stickers...most of the bands faded into obscurity i think ;) Glad the garage sale went well!~ They're always so hard to gauge...
    happy lesson planning!~