Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rejuvenation At Its Finest

Since my week was so chaotic last week, we decided on a whim to run away to the cabin again! My folks are very gracious to allow us to hang out there while they are away and thank goodness they are because I needed it! We also were lucky enough to have April, her mister and her widdle beast join us as well! Here's a bit of a photo summary of our absolutely wonderful weekend :)

The duo of beasts had a BLAST together! We thought it would be funny to tether them together for a while so we could watch them walk each other. They are actually pretty good little dog walkers! ;)

The beasts (and us ladies) enjoyed a very chilly swim in some very intense heat. This was the widdle beast's first time to swim AND run free...he did wonderful! On a side note, our beast had a bit of a complication due to swimming in the cold water. Sunday, he would not sit down, whimpered when we touched his tail and held his tail down which is incredibly odd as that tail is usually a weapon swinging wildly all of the time. When we got home on Sunday, I googled 'dog won't wag tail' and I was shocked to find out what he had! Apparently some large breed dogs can develop something called cold tail or dead tail when overexerting in cold water and not warmed up properly. The descriptions I read were word for word what he was going though! How bizarre is that??? Has anyone ever heard of that before??? The best medicine is rest and it seems to be doing the trick. Today he finally sat normally and wagged a little for his treats :) Poor guy!

April and I had way TOO much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in forever! There was one point I had tears running down my face from laughter and an excessively squeaky chair. It's amazing what one can find funny sometimes :)

The misters did LOTS of fishing and left us and the beasts to our own devices.

And of course, we worked on stuff! April made a few necklaces and I worked on sorting through stuff for switchplates while listening to music, gossiping, enjoying the beautiful day and of course, laughing :)
I'm a sucker for green! I love this one she did! It's always fun for us to work together because we can get each other's input!

Luckily for this trip, the creek wasn't flooded! Yeah! We were able to get back into areas we haven't been able to access for a while and get some pretty pictures!

It's just stunningly beautiful out there. You can climb those cliffs (if you're not a wimp like me) and jump off! It's actually pretty deep out there!
While we went out to watch the sunset in the meadow, I took advantage of the gorgeous lighting and snapped what I call 'senior pics' of the pups. The sky was so pretty and the grass was perfectly green! I LOVE them!

Why can't every day be a weekend???


  1. the "senior pics" of the beasts are so GOOD! I love them! Great colors! I'm a "widdle" envious of your sunglasses, btw.

  2. You're a fab photographer! Sounds like good times were had by all. LOL, I just might steal your tether idea on abner; maybe that'll wear him out.