Monday, June 29, 2009

Puppy Needs Home!!!

Well, my mister had a really cute puppy follow him home from his walk the other day. No collar, 100 degrees + and so close to Yale, we felt like we had to take him in until we found his owners or found him a good home. No luck on the owners so here we are trying to find him a perfect forever home!!!

He's a puppy puppy, maybe half basset half beagle, not neutered, SUPER friendly, mega cute and I have every inch of faith that he will be a great family dog. We are not in the position to have another pup, unfortunately, but we want him to go to a great home. I've been calling him Freeman because he's free, man ;)

PLEASE pass on the word to anyone that may be in the market for a cute puppy!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Not only is my sister a beautiful earring model, awesome singer, perfectly tall, talented at guitar and piano but she's just an all around great sista. Today she turns 24 and even though she may be a foot taller than I will ever be, she'll always be my wildly adored little seester :)

Here's to Afton! Hope you enjoy the random pics, Af (and folks :)

Halloween many moons ago. I was an incarcerated Martha Stewart and Af was a Halloween Goddess type thing ;) That dress she is wearing is something we used to play dress up in ALL of the time growing up!
She moved away a few years ago, first to Phoenix and now resides in the LA area. This was one of her many trips home. I actually believe it was her first time to be home and be 21??? Am I correct??
We grew up camping, weeks at a time, at Cove Lake which is located on Mt. Magazine (which is the highest point in Arkansas). We were mighty stylish ladies ;)

One of my many weekends home from college. I think when I moved away is when we started to actually like each other ;) What's the saying? Distance makes the heart grow fonder?

So here's to you, Af! I wish you 24 more years of awesomeness! Love you!
P.S. Just a few more weeks until Vegas!!! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rejuvenation At Its Finest

Since my week was so chaotic last week, we decided on a whim to run away to the cabin again! My folks are very gracious to allow us to hang out there while they are away and thank goodness they are because I needed it! We also were lucky enough to have April, her mister and her widdle beast join us as well! Here's a bit of a photo summary of our absolutely wonderful weekend :)

The duo of beasts had a BLAST together! We thought it would be funny to tether them together for a while so we could watch them walk each other. They are actually pretty good little dog walkers! ;)

The beasts (and us ladies) enjoyed a very chilly swim in some very intense heat. This was the widdle beast's first time to swim AND run free...he did wonderful! On a side note, our beast had a bit of a complication due to swimming in the cold water. Sunday, he would not sit down, whimpered when we touched his tail and held his tail down which is incredibly odd as that tail is usually a weapon swinging wildly all of the time. When we got home on Sunday, I googled 'dog won't wag tail' and I was shocked to find out what he had! Apparently some large breed dogs can develop something called cold tail or dead tail when overexerting in cold water and not warmed up properly. The descriptions I read were word for word what he was going though! How bizarre is that??? Has anyone ever heard of that before??? The best medicine is rest and it seems to be doing the trick. Today he finally sat normally and wagged a little for his treats :) Poor guy!

April and I had way TOO much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in forever! There was one point I had tears running down my face from laughter and an excessively squeaky chair. It's amazing what one can find funny sometimes :)

The misters did LOTS of fishing and left us and the beasts to our own devices.

And of course, we worked on stuff! April made a few necklaces and I worked on sorting through stuff for switchplates while listening to music, gossiping, enjoying the beautiful day and of course, laughing :)
I'm a sucker for green! I love this one she did! It's always fun for us to work together because we can get each other's input!

Luckily for this trip, the creek wasn't flooded! Yeah! We were able to get back into areas we haven't been able to access for a while and get some pretty pictures!

It's just stunningly beautiful out there. You can climb those cliffs (if you're not a wimp like me) and jump off! It's actually pretty deep out there!
While we went out to watch the sunset in the meadow, I took advantage of the gorgeous lighting and snapped what I call 'senior pics' of the pups. The sky was so pretty and the grass was perfectly green! I LOVE them!

Why can't every day be a weekend???

Monday, June 15, 2009

Perfect Excuse for a Date Night

Make Tuesday night a Date Night tomorrow! StreetCats Tulsa is partnering with Chili's at 51st & Harvard to raise money for the kitties! All you have to do is mention the StreetCats fundraiser when you eat there and a percentage of your payment goes to StreetCats! So go eat some Chili's and help out the kitties! I know I'll be there! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Told You So!

Told you we've been busy! Here's my newbies...

This one is my FAVE! It is SUPER long and that 'centerpiece' is a vintage button! The tassel sort of embellishment can be moved around so you you can wear the centerpiece to the side, double the necklace or just wear it long and centered! There's a hidden clasp behind the button so you can wrap it until the cows come home :)

How pretty is this? I thought it would be fun for an offbeat wedding...

This one involves two really cool old earrings as the side focal...

My super cool cousin recently returned from some European gallivanting and brought me back some really kickin beads. The drop on this one is from London, if I remember correctly...

April has seriously been a machine lately! She's making so many new fantastic things, I just may have to do some trading with her!

A creative slant on our patriotic colors! I LOVE that centerpiece!

This one is my fave from her new bunch. The component which all of the bangles hang from is an old watch clasp! How freaking creative!

I'm a sucker for hand linked things too so of course I fancy this one as well :)

And my second fave from this bunch :) I don't think I need to tell you why, just look at it!

Hope you enjoy our new goodies! Why are we making so many new things, you ask? Well, we've got a show in two weeks, the OK Green Fest, on June 27th at the Riverparks Amphitheater AND the Woody Guthrie Festival (my fave!!!!!!!!) is right around the corner! More info on both of these shows later. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Wooeeee it's been a crazy week and it's only Wednesday! Let's see, my folks have absconded to Ireland for some much needed away time, my mister has been in Austin for the past three days (he'll be back tonight - yipee!) and my Papa had his hip replaced on Monday. Meanwhile, I've been helping run the family business (one of my five million jobs), teaching a beginning ESL class (like beginning's an experience!), worrying about my Papa (he's doing great) and missing my mister. My shoulders are habouring the stress I believe. Believe it or not though, I have been able to work on some saving grace!

Where to begin?!?! Well, as we all know, my mom's birthday was last week and all she wanted were several pairs of earrings for her I delivered!

I also gave her my first attempt at an idea I've been toying with, a jewelry journal! I put a picture of each of the pairs of earrings on a separate card with prompts that she can record memories on that are associated with the piece of jewelry. I came up with the idea based on all of the jewelry that so many of us inherit over the years and not knowing all of the stories the jewelry knows! So why not have some sort of organized system where people can jot down where something came from, who gave it to them, how it makes them feel, what they like to wear it with and wonderful memories associated with that piece! They are certainly at the first stages of evolution but I hope to fine tune them and make them something really handy!

And my widdle wrapping job. We ended up having a really fun dinner at In the Raw on Brookside where a street festival was going on! We had first row seats to the band playing :) It was fun night.
This little diddy was made last week and didn't last for long! In fact, I didn't even have a chance to properly photograph it before it was sold! I freaking LOVE this one! Those little spirals are old earrings :)

Next order of business, is the deck! When we moved into our house, we also acquired a nicely built, but forgotten, deck. The roof had no pitch, leaked lots, the walls were covered with old trellace and it just needed a major facelift! Well, over the past month or so, the mister removed all of the siding, removed the roof, put a pitch on the roof and built the bottom part of our soon to be screened in porch! We really want an area where the cats can hang out 'outside' but not really be outside. The mister and his friend did a wonderful job on Sunday working on the deck!

The next step is putting on new roof, then screening in the top portion, staining everything to match and finally building a screen door!
This is the beast's girlfriend (the four-legged daughter of the mister's good friend) who we're calling lady on here :) I babysat the two Friday night while the menfolk went out and the beast and lady were SO cute together! Makes me wonder if we should get another dog...nahhhhh. ;)
Like I mentioned before, our garden is rockin! Saturday we picked these two massive cucumbers. I'm really not a cucumber person at all but we cut up one of these for a pasta salad and they were sooooooooo good!

Just a portion of the five million radishes we picked!

And finally, I want to encourage everyone to go to the flea market at the Fairgrounds (21st & Yale in Tulsa) and check out the little old man's booth who is selling his wife's old beads! They are SUCH nice people and the amount of stuff they keep bringing is amazing! Seed beads galore, glass beads, wooden beads, findings, beading magazines dating back to the 70's and so so so much more! They've even talked about bringing up yarn, silk flowers, doll parts and more! Maybe I'll see you there!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Which one is more your style???

My recent ones...

And April's new lovelies...

She's a bracelet making machine! Iwant to congratulate her for passing a hugely important test this week! Yeah April!
I want to also throw in an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Moma tomorrow!!!!!!! Now on to her birthday present....