Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

This past holiday weekend the mister, the beast and myself absconded to my family's cabin about an hour outside of Tulsa to hang with my folks and to get out of town! I've not been out there since last August so I was LONG overdue for some cabin time! The beast was also overdue for some free running and water time!

Friday night, I spent some time at Lovett's Gallery to listen to a discussion about Charles Loloma and his evolution of jewelry. I wasn't able to stay for the entire lecture but really enjoyed what I heard while I was there. Incredibly interesting stuff!

Before leaving town Saturday, I had to run errands to the vet and the flea market. My kitties are starting to hit the senior level I guess so we had to make a little unexpected trip to the vet to get one of them checked out. For now everything seems ok... After the vet, I went to do a quick run through the flea market and really scored! There was a little man there perhaps in his mid 60s who had two tables full of all sorts of beads! Apparently, his wife had passed away and left behind her huge collection of her beads. The Oklahoma Bead Society came to his house and helped him with market values of all her stuff and how to go about selling it all. I was lucky enough to happen upon the Flea Market the day he set up! I went crazy!!! There were such great deals, such beautiful beads and some rare finds! After this trip, we finally left town!

The beast has a very peculiar way of sitting on steps. His bum goes on one step while his front feet are on a lower step. He does this at home out back and will sit there for hours watching the yard activity! He is such a nerd :)

My mom took this picture of me to show off how well my necklace and dress match! I made that necklace last week and loved it but had a hard time finding something that it would look good with. Well, I ran out last week to find some sunglasses and saw this dress that I had to have! (I love those type of dresses!) I didn't even realize that the necklace and dress matched perfectly!

The beast LOVES the cabin because he gets to run around like a madman with no leash. He also loves to make a mess in the water.
Usually that small little waterfall is a 10-15 foot drop to the water BUT because of all of the rain we've been having, the waterfall was pretty puny, the playground was flooded and the skeeters were bountiful.
An obligatory self portrait of myself in the new shades. I love red sunglasses for some reason.

I spent much of the weekend finishing my book, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas by Tom Robbins (my hero!) and lounging about. While I was a lazy lazy lady, my mister helped my dad build a shooting shelter, did some fishing and shot some guns. While he was out fishing and my folks were off socializing, I managed to make a fire with damp wood! I was so proud!

While the beast and I lounged outside and watched the fire, I noticed the sun was setting rather beautifully. I'm a HUGE fan of sunsets and will drop everything to get in a better position to appreciate them. The beast and I hoofed it down to the meadow and I managed to get two pictures of the sunset when I noticed the mister was just then bringing in his 'scanoe', as my dad calls it.
Just as I turn and take a few photos of him, I notice that the sky behind him was BLACK. It took a matter of seconds before the temperature dropped and it starting down pouring all over us. The beast and I hauled booty back to the cabin and were nicely drenched upon arrival. The mister showed up minutes later equally soaked. Actually twice that weekend the beast and I got caught walking when a downpour popped up!
I was so upset that my fire that I worked so hard on was slowly being drowned but lucky me, I have a resourceful mister who somehow managed to build a mini roof within the fire pit and saved the fire! It even burned well into the next morning! Yeah fire!
What amazes me about this picture is that you can't tell we are SOAKED in it!

In this little cabin community, there are lots of crafty people scattered about. Two men that have cabins out the with their families decided to start doing some metal works and gave us a gift they made! It's a metal drink holder stand thingy with horseshoes for the feet. Like my description? ;) It's great and I love it!

Sunday night the mister and I stayed behind while folks did their socializing. We made us a (huge) fantastic dinner with the largest steaks evah, grilled asparagus and baked potatoes. It was yummy!
Just a pretty shot looking towards the meadow...
One of the many cool chairs at the 'wigwam' near the damn.
Random exterior shots of the wigwam.
The whole community began in the early twenties, I believe, as hunting cabins later turning into vacationing type cabins. There is a long history to the area that I know I would do no justice trying to explain. The wigwam, or communal meeting place, there was built in 1930.

We got back in town late afternoon on Monday and the beast promptly passed out and slept like a log. Actually, we all did! It was a wonderful weekend and so nice to get away!
This upcoming weekend, our neighborhood is having a garage sale and we are participating! I'm reluctant to put our address on here in case any of you readers are nutso ;) BUT I will share which neighborhood we're in! We live in Mayo Meadow which is in between 21st & 31st and Harvard and Yale. I believe I'm even going to set up the jewelry and see how that goes! If you specifically would like to come by the house and see some jewelry or just say hi, email me at sheezkrafty3@yahoo.com and I'll shoot directions to you :) It's a fun neighborhood to garage sale in...lots of seniors with lots of cool stuff and lots of young couples and families upgrading things! Lots of good opportunities to get new goodies!


  1. oh man, i thought i had a relaxing weekend but this looks like the SWEET life. how fun!

  2. Hi SheezKrafty,
    Loved your blog about the cabin, etc. What a great time you had. Our family has a 50 some year old cottage on Johnson's Island in Lake Erie off of Marblehead. It has a Civil War Cemetary on it because their was a Civil War Prison on it years ago. My hubby and I started going to it together when you had to take a boat to get over to it. Now there is a causeway attaching it to the mainland. Plan to use it on July 4th. We have a small beach and a dock, also. Our grandchildren just love it. When my boys were growing up we went every weekend from early spring to late fall. You are so luck to have this special property. Thanks for sharing.

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs