Thursday, May 7, 2009

We Have The Funk

Whew! It's been a long day! Last night my pops and I went to our weekly West Coast Swing Class where we stumble our way through trying to be good structured dancers! We've both always LOVED to freestyle dance (you should see my dad do what he calls 'the penguin' and his newfound dance he's created called 'burpin the tupperware') but aren't necessarily too skilled in actual true blue dancing...until now. We are pros...kinda ;) So after our class, we decided on a whim to go to the George Clinton concert in town! This is now my fourth time to see him over 15 years and unfortunately, this was probably my least favorite show. Now don't get me wrong, I will ALWAYS love Georgie as he reminds me to embrace individuality and to enjoy every day but this show I saw him more aged then I last remember and the extended waiting for the show to get going was a bit much. But it was fun to do something unplanned and to kick it with my dad. We were both pretty tired today though...

Moving on...FINALLY a day without rain here! Yeah! We took advantage of the sun and took a few pictures outside with my BRAND NEW CAMERA!!!! YEAH!!! Wolf Camera at 21st & Lewis is going out of business and has some pretty good deals for very little money! My mister was lucky enough to get some binoculars for his growing bird-watching habit. Here's the beast enjoying the weather:

Our garden starting to sprout here and there. Amazing the plants haven't all drowned to death with all of the rain! So ready to eat fresh produce from our garden!

Now for some updates on my projects I've had going on! I employed the mister to work on my new switchplate display for me...I love living with a handyman :)

The end result! I'm SO SO SO happy with it! In the past, I have layed the plates on the table and if people take the time to look at everything, they see them and love them. Now people can see them from afar and hopefully be drawn to the booth!

Finally, remember those shutters I bought at the flea market that I promptly broke??? Welllll.....

Didn't it turn out great!?!?! I'm thrilled with the turnout! I think it showcases the earrings wonderfully! Makes me happy all over :)
Another thing that makes me giddy is to find out that we will be set up at the Blue Dome Arts Festival! I wanted to do the show last year but was in Hungary for my internship so had to miss it. We applied a few weeks ago and I was sure that we applied too late but low and behold we got an email the other day confirming our acceptance! So if you happen to come to Mayfest in Tulsa next weekend, walk another block and check us out! When I find out our booth number I will share it wildly with everyone :)
Also, remember to visit us at Deluxe in Oklahoma City this weekend if you are there! Check out all SIXTY of the new switchplates I've made, the new necklaces, wire-wrappings, earrings and most importanly just come by and say hi! Take care!


  1. Love the shutters! And the Garden....OMG! If you need help getting all the soon-to-be-produce off your hands...wink wink

  2. I am thrilled--I didn't realize you were in Okie-land! I'm going to check out Deluxe (first I've heard of it). I can't wait to see your switchplates in real life! Good luck at the Blue Dome Arts Festival this weekend!