Sunday, May 3, 2009

Takin' Care of Business

Takin' Care of Business has totally been the theme song in my head for the past week! I'm not kidding, unfortunately ;) Deluxe is SIX days away *GASP* and I have been working like a madwoman to get new goodies made and to work on upgrading our displays! Deluxe offers great prizes to the booth with the greatest displays. Now, I know that our booth won't win and I'm ok with that BUT it is still a great motivator to explore different ideas for your booth!

The mister and I went to the Flea Market yesterday and I found two great shutters for a steal! I thought they would be cool to hinge together to hang earrings on. Leave it to me to drop one of them about an hour after having them home and breaking one of them! Clumsiness is something I'm pretty familiar with. What was kind of funny about the whole thing is that all of the animals and the mister were napping when I dropped the shutter on the kitchen floor so I scared the wits out of all of them! Ok, maybe that was just funny to me ;) I worked last night forever though to line up those stupid pegs in the holes and we managed to fix the shutter! It was a very frustrating process, not going to lie. Now hopefully they will work with what I'm dreaming up...

Another thing I'm doing is an actual switchplate display! I usually just kind of scatter them this way and that which has seemed to work well BUT I wanted to create something that people can see from afar to showcase the plates. I'll post more on this project as it progresses. For now, you get a spray painted board. Exciting, huh? ;)

Here's another teaser. So far I've made forty new switchplates and will probably make that many more before the show. Here's a few pictures of some of the new ones. Not pictured are MANY new plates that are all made out of maps! I'm a big map fan so they are fun to do :) I'm hoping to make some more out of the antique sheet music I have too since I've only got a few of those left!

And finally, the project that's been filling my downtime at work is making lots of more wire wrapped rocks and shells! I like to use a square sterling silver wire on these. I've got a couple of these I've kept for myself over the years and wear them ALL of the time! Here's a few of the new ones to tease you again.

If you're in the OKC area next weekend you should really come out to Deluxe! It was SUCH a cool show last fall that I can't wait to see how it will be this time around! There's lots of amazing OK crafters that will be there with their super cool creations! Before the show I will also post pics of all of the new necklaces I've been working on! There's some good ones in there! Until then!


  1. I love love love the new switchplates! and the new layout for your blog!

  2. Everything looks great, It's fun to see you gearing up for an awesome weekend! The switchplates are beautiful, and I love the idea of displaying your jewelry on shutters. I can't wait to see your booth, and you!!

  3. I'll totally be there ;)
    The switch plates look awesome! cant wait to see it all in person. And I guess you've learned that you wont be taking a job as a shutter maker any time soon ;)

  4. Oh, awesome! I think I need to get myself some of your switchplates; I've been meaning to find some cool ones for a while now, and yours are beautiful.
    See you this weekend at Deluxe!