Monday, May 4, 2009

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Num Num

Interested in trying a new dish? Well, let me share with you what I dreamt up last night! It was one of those nights where you look in the fridge and say, well I have this, that and a little of those...what can I make out of it? I have those nights more often then not. I always first go to the AllRecipes website and click on Ingredients. You can enter in what you have in the fridge, what you don't have, and POP! they give you a list of potential recipes to make! Now I'm not really one to follow recipes but I LOVE to read through them and get ideas, hints, and inspiration.

I consider cooking to be an experiement every night. Or at least every night that I decide to cook :) I always tell my mister, this is an experiement, I'm not sure how it's going to taste! He always laughs because I always say the same thing and then he affirms me that it's always good. I think he just says that though because he doesn't want to do the cooking unless it involves the grill ;)

Last night I found one that sounded pretty good containing rolled up chicken breasts with spinach inside of them and bacon on the outside. Hmm. Had no bacon, had semi-thawed non-rollable chicken, but had some other goodies. So here's what I created. I'll do my best to explain the process below the picture. Oh, this is def a meat dish so if you're not a meat eater, maybe you could use an eggplant or something of the sort???

This was absolutely DELICIOUS.

*Preheat oven to 375
*Dice a quarter of a white onion and a red onion.
*Melt bacon drippings and a little bit of the oil of your choice in a skillet.
*Sautee onions in the grease/oil.
*When onions are about halfway done, add garlic cloves. I like lots of garlic to I put about two teaspoons in. I guess here is a good place to say that I don't really follow measurements just put whatever you feel is appropriate!
*Meanwhile, chop up half a bag of fresh spinach or so. Once onions look good and transparent, add the spinach to the mixture.
*Also meanwhile, get pepperjack cheese ready for the mixture. We didn't have shredded but had did have slices of it so I took four slices, stacked them on each other, and cut them into little squares. Whatever works! Try different cheeses even!
*Add a little salt, pepper and lemon juice to the mixture.
*Let the spinach cook down (doesn't take long) and turn off heat.
*Add about half a cup of sour cream to mixture and the pepperjack cheese, stir together.
*Take a couple of chicken breasts and butterfly cut them. You can google how to do that because I'm not sure how to explain that! Basically you want to slice them in half longways so you can open them like a book.
*Place open breast in shallow casserole dish and fill the inside of that puppy with some of your mixture. Close the breast like you are closing a book. Do the same with the second breast.
*You will have mixture left over so smother the top of the chicken with the leftovers!
*Cook uncovered in the preheated oven for about 35 minutes or so.
*Change oven setting to BROIL and broil for 3-5 minutes or until the top looks a little browned.
*Remove and dig in! I promise it is a REALLY good one!!!

We coupled ours with Cottage Cheese (which we eat EVERY SINGLE NIGHT...we're ninety years old at heart) and a package of throw-in-a-pot-of-hot-water-premade-noodles.

Dig in! For dessert, I highly recommend a long brisk walk :)
Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you actually make it!!


  1. this DOES sound amazing! and no snubs here on the cottage cheese. i eat it from the container!

    on a side note THANK YOU for letting me know you posted this. all along i thought i was subscribed to your blog and i guess was not cause look at all these posts SO SORRY. all along when you post on my stuff i think "gee, it's been a while since she posted." DUH! will stay up to date. PROMISE!

  2. That sounds so good right now, but I'm also starving so everything sounds good. I love to try new things in the kitchen, so I really appreciate you posting the link to AllRecipes. I've never heard of that site, but I will definitely but putting it to good use- possibly tonight!