Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Return of the Butt Dart

Every morning I take some time to have my tea, applesauce and breakfast bar and read the news online. Well this morning I read a story that made me pretty happy but before I share, allow me to tell a little story. Can you tell I like to tell stories?? ;)

I spent several years working in administration at a local architecture firm here in town. While I worked there, I became heavily involved in volunteering for the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture and loved everything I experienced with them! One of my favorite things to do with TFA was to join along on their bus tours through the state. Historic homes of Tulsa, Outlaws tour, Art Deco tour and two Route 66 tours. The Outlaws tour and the Route 66 tours were moderated by the amazing Michael Wallis. If you don't know him, you should! He's a gentle giant, a true blue story teller, a voice that you'll never forget, a historical well of information and an all around one-of-a-kind kinda guy. He's authored many books about Route 66, was the historical consultant for the movie Cars AND was the voice of the sheriff's car in the movie! Ok, enough about Michael, more about my story ;)

On one of my Route 66 tours, this one shared with my parents, we stopped at the Rock Cafe in Stroud, OK for dinner and butt darts. Who doesn't love a good game of butt darts!?! Let me explain. You are handed a quarter, are asked to squeeze your cheeks (the cheeks of your butt, that is), place the quarter in between the clothed cheeks, waddle about ten feet while holding the quarter in the aforementioned place, squat down over a Rock Cafe coffee mug and attempt to release the quarter into the cup. More difficult than it sounds. Probably not what you want to do on a first date but it sure was fun to watch and belly roll laugh while trying yourself! Believe it or not, yours truly was successful in her Butt Dart attempt and won that very coffee cup I scored in! Man, I am the epitome of classiness, huh?!?!

About a year after that unforgettable experience, I heard news that the Rock Cafe had burned down. I was truly truly saddened by this news and hoped that I would someday hear that it had been restored. Low and behold, today I got that news! I can't wait to stop off at the Cafe sometime in the near future and see if the mister has the same butt darts skills I have! Ha!


  1. while i appreciate your enthusiasm, i can not condone this game "butt darts." that is my 5th ring of hell. :)butt darts and frogs.

  2. That's awesome! I had never heard of butt darts before this day, you have just introduced me to a while new world of butt activities (and I'm always on the lookout for more of those, har har). Do you think they still do butt darts at the new place? Either way, I'm glad they've restored it. I love to see businesses, and people in general, overcome obstacles.