Sunday, May 10, 2009

Princess Ham Ham, The Queen of Deluxe

Greetings! It's Sunday evening after a very busy weekend! Friday night was crunch time for getting ready for the Deluxe show in OKC. Not only did I crunch time, but I crunched my shoulder lifting things in haphazard manners and am still in pain :( I'm hoping it passes soon. Aside from my gimpiness, the show was great! April and I left early in the morning to make it to the show in time, driving through scattered showers and swapping stories. It's always a great time to share roadtrips together :) We arrived with less time than I had hoped to have for setup but we managed to somehow be ready by noon! Here's the booth...

I was SO happy that our first sale occurred about 2 seconds after finishing the booth and was planned to be the necklace the woman would wear at her son's wedding! What a great compliment! I was also incredibly pleased to meet so many of my fellow blogging crafters! So nice to put actual faces with the people you grow to know virtually!

One of my absolute favorite highlights of the show was seeing a very old friend of ours from college after a year hiatus. She has a pet hamster that I have virtually been obsessed with named Princess Ham Ham. I grew up having hamsters and think they are the cutest little things out there! Since I have a gigantic dog that would finish off a hamster in one chomp, I am unable to have one on my shopping list. Well, my friend showed up with a travel hamster ball with Hammy in her purse! We were elated to love all over her! But the surprise wasn't yet over...My friend then pulled out an exact replica of Hammy that she made out of felt so I could have my own hamster!!! It is the absolute CUTEST and most realistic thing you have ever seen! I LOVE IT!!! We had several people try to buy her that day! She was definitely our mascot for the day :)
I'm lucky April is a braver driver than I am...I am about 90 years old when it comes to driving. Not a fan of driving in the rain, don't see well in the dark and get spooked easily on the highways. I would have been much better off about 100 years ago ;) Or in a city with better public transportation. Side note: I am so so so hoping that they put in a train between Tulsa and OKC SOON!!!

I was not disappointed with sales which makes me quite pleased :) You never know with Spring shows! Since we did well, I took it upon myself to shop! One of the 5 million things I love about this show is all of the awesome goods the crafters bring to the table, pun intended ;)
For my mom, I bought her these eye catching cloth branches from Jane Joss. No watering and never any wilting! Gave them to my mom today during our Mother's Day lunch :)

From Purses Matter, I bought myself a new teaching bag. I've been looking around for a while for something new since my old bag has seen better days. I spied this one made out of such cool upholstery fabric and just had to have it!
Also picked up a little purse from her to give to my mom as well. She loves bright colors and switching out purses so it was perfect!

Also had to pick up some Vinegar for the ol' kitchen.
And finally from one of our wonderful Deluxe directors, Sara, I bought this uber comfortable t-shirt skirt! I love it! I'm actually wearing it right now :) I spent some time in India about 5 years ago and left a piece of my heart there. I love that the skirt shows Indian pride :) PLUS, my Indian students will get such a kick out of it!
After getting home last night, my wonderful mister made me a margarita and I finally got to relax! The relaxing won't last for long though as the Blue Dome Arts Festival starts on Friday! I've got big plans for it so I've got lots of work to do! But as for now, I'm taking the rest of the weekend off ;)


  1. I'm so glad that you did well at the show! Your loot is definitely a bonus, I've always thought that was one of the coolest things about craft shows. As soon as you make some money, you're surrounded by awesome things to spend it on. I've found that to be a blessing AND a curse. It was nice meeting up with you there. And as for the hamster, I LOVE him. I always killed hamsters as a kid (seriously, I think I murdered like 10 of them) so that's exactly what I need!

    If you do end up going to see the new Star Trek movie, let me know what you think! I was pretty sure that it was a great film for reasons other than having eye candy. But that certainly didn't hurt either. ;-)

  2. It was nice to meet you, too! Definitely don't worry about not being able to help us out. Everything worked out in the end. I'll look for you at Blue Dome. :)

  3. It was great to meet you!
    Thank you again for the maps; it was so sweet of you to think of me!
    I hope we get to do more shows together!