Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures & Babble Galore

I finally have the time and energy to post pics from Blue Dome this weekend! It all started off ridiculously rocky but turned out to be an amazingly wonderful weekend! Here's some of the photos I snapped throughout the weekend accompanied with my incessant babble :)

A shot of the car loaded up with all sorts of junk! I sometimes joke with the mister that I only married him because he had a car big enough to fit all of my crafting stuff ;) If you look closely, you can see the purple taco stand called Tacos el Velvet Elvis. Those guys were SUCH a hoot! They set up outside of Mercury Lounge on the weekends which is located at 18th & Boston in Tulsa. I strongly suggest saying hi to them if you ever see them out! They will def make you laugh! Did I mention that our booth was set up between the taco stand and a winery??? I think we had the best spot in the festival! ;) The winery was Whispering Meadows which is based out of McAlester and we fell in love with everyone we met from there! I think we'll be making a trip to McAlester to see the winery in person!

Saturday morning's setup was delayed as our tent was broken in the wind storm from Friday night. We hung out for a while that morning while waiting for a backup tent. Here's April and our dear friend Sarah who makes some really kickin jewelry from her Santiquity line. Def check out her stuff! It was a blast to have her set up with us this weekend!

A shot of the wind stricken street Saturday morning. Almost all of the tents that were on our stretch of the street were damaged from the quick storm. Boo!

Our tent stayed put BUT we thought it would have been a good idea to tie onto the other tents next to us. Strength in numbers, right? Wrong. The tent next to us went flying and took our tent's leg with it! Lesson learned!

Another surprise Saturday was turning around and seeing HUNDREDS of people walking down the street without their shoes on! I was first very excited thinking that they were hundreds of eager shoppers but then realized that it had something to do with the band Hanson that played at Mayfest and their desire to make poverty issues in Africa more real here. I realize I'm not explaining it well at all but perhaps a google search would be more informative ;)

The wind was a blessing and a curse all weekend long. We got a kick out of a necklace that almost fell to the ground but was saved by duct tape. Is there nothing duct tape can't do????

Standard shots of the booth.... I'd like to thank my dad for helping me out so much this weekend. He came and saved me from a stressful moment on Friday and came with a bucket o twine that saved us over and over again! I went a little twine happy all weekend long!

Da Booth. That switchplate board that I made has been the best thing ever! I sold so many switchplates this weekend that I have to go into overdrive to make more for our next show!
I walked over later and took a photo of the tent graveyard. What a sad sad sight. I felt like I needed to buy a forty and pour a little out for my homies.
Saturday was a mighty chilly day and I did NOT dress appropriately! The mister and the beast made a trip up to bring me some warmer clothes and to hang out for a while! I like this picture of us :)
The beast was a star! One of the CUTEST things I saw this weekend was when a little boy, who was the same height of the beast, came up to him and said hi. Well, the beast, who typically is NOT a licker, licked that little boy's entire face! The little boy turned around, looked up and said "WHOA!!!!" It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!
I also wanted to mention North of Oz where I got two stunning pashminas! I wear scarves ALL of the time because I'm always cold when other are not! The owner so super super nice and the scarves were all soooooooooo beautiful! I was also lucky enough to be photographed in one of my new purchases and will be on her site soon! I'm famous! ;)
I'm so so so sad the weekend is over although it has been really nice to relax! It always amazes me how draining it can be to do these shows sometimes! You certainly have to love what you do to put yourself through it! I'm already geared up for next year's Blue Dome! Thank you ALL so much for coming out and saying hi! It was so wonderful to meet you all and to say hi to old friends!

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  1. I just finished reading your whole account of Blue Dome. You covered it very well, you could be Tulsa's next adorable news anchor!

    I'm glad you had such a good time! You and your husband are a really cute couple. I got my man to bring things to me too. That's what they're for, right? That and lots of good cuddles after a long weekend.