Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Itchy Hunchback of Tulsadame

No pictures to share today but do have some time to pass so thought I'd post :) Lucky you!

So my shoulder still is out of commission. My mom drove me to the chiropractor yesterday as I can't turn my head very well so I shouldn't be behind the wheel. My chiropractor is a long-time family friend that I fully trust with my spine. He did a number on my back and it felt so good at the time to have things moved around some. I do feel a little better today, good enough to drive, but still am mighty sore in that neck/shoulder region. sigh. He is concerned that my constant leaning over doing beading is messing with my alignment! Ahh! It makes sense though, somedays I will work for so long that I have to make myself stop to keep my back from hurting. Does this mean I bead too much? Or that I'm officially getting old? I know 30 isn't technically old but it is right around the corner and I'm beginning to notice certain things falling apart....

So on top of this awesome shoulder wrenching, I have a small patch of poison ivy on my arm! How much fun! NOT. I've never had it before and it is driving me CRAZY. I can't imagine having a bad case of it! Anyone have any recommendations, tips, etc???

This week was meant to be filled with lots of creation time for Blue Dome but since I can't hold my head straight and since I want to rip my itchy arm off, the week has been spent on the couch not moving. sigh again.

At least I have cute fuzzy animals to keep me occupied :)


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry!
    I haven't had poison ivy, but if it's like poison oak use calimine lotion (it's pink). Coat it on there thick.
    I had a neck problem last month from being on the computer too much. I think it helps to get up every so often and strech.
    I hope you get better very soon!

  2. I think the fastest way to get rid of poison ivy is with a cortisone shot, but you'll have to make a doctor visit for that. I am immune to poison ivy. I have rolled around in the stuff (literally) and have never broken out with as much as a single itchy bump. Be jealous!

  3. Thank you so very much. I wanted to go to the show this weekend, but I had promised a friend to help her paint her new gallery. Vicki went and said your work was wonderful. I imagine it looked terrific. Thanks again.