Friday, May 29, 2009

How NOT to Make a Sale

Here's a little Friday morning story for you....

Yesterday after work, my mister and some of his men friends went to buy supplies to work on our deck. I stayed behind and went on a walk with the beast. I returned and began to order a pizza for the menfolk online (did you know that if you order pizza online, you get an internet discount?!) and the doorbell rang. The beast knows that the doorbell means company and he gets all wound up so, of course, he beat me to the door where I see a man, perhaps in his mid-twenties standing there. I had left the front door open as we were expecting people but this was not one we were expecting...

Here's a cliff notes version of our conversation. I will omit the parts that have no relevance to my story.

Him: Hi! I'm blah blah blah and I'm collecting points so I can go on this trip to blah blah blah. All you have to do is sign up for a magazine and I will get these points.

Me: Um, I don't really give out money for anything.

Him: (loudly) I'm not asking for your money! I don't need your money! If you want to give me your money then I'll take it but I am not asking for money.

Me: Ok then. Well, I don't need any magazines.

Him: You can donate them to a charitable organization.

Me: No thanks, I'm not interested. If my husband weren't busy he might be interested. (my mister will entertain anyone with conversation, I on the otherhand ...)

Him: (very rudely) So what you're saying is that your husband has more personality than you do.

Me: Well that's a nice way of putting it!

Him: Well it's true obviously.

Me: Thanks again but I'm not interested.

So he turns around, takes two steps, spits in our yard right in front of me and walks off. Seriously?!? How about not insulting who you're talking to? How about not spitting on my front walk? How about not selling things door to door! If I want a new magazine, I would go out and get a new magazine! Lord knows one thing I do NOT need more of are magazines!!!

I am one of those people who can't stand door to door solicitors! If there is some sort of service I am needing, some magazine I need to subscribe to or some religion I need to convert to, then I will seek that out myself. Grrrrrrrrr. I think it's time to buy that No Solicitors sign I've been putting off....


  1. Yeah you will have to have a sign that says NO SELLING AT THIS DOOR because they will tell you they don't know what solicitor means. Have had that happen. They know, just yanking my chain.

  2. OMG! I would so want to tackle that guy!! that annoys me so much.