Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Dome, Day One

Pretty sure this has been one of the longest days EVAH!!! Setup was a beast due to fighting the wind, setting up alone (everyone else didn't have the liberty to take off work like I could), and getting a hellacious sunburn!! I survived though and am so glad I toughed it out because today was AWESOME! We are so close to the Tulsa Craft Mafia who is full of kickin' ladies, Felix & Jane, a winery from McAlester (!) (I will let you know their name before the weekend is up) and many many other talented and super friendly local artists. OH! And I was so stoked to have a visit from Heather of Audrey Eclectic and her beautiful little lady!

We broke down the booth and secured it to the best of our abilities so it would withstand this storm that has recently blown in. We are crossing our fingers everything makes it through! Really all that is left outside is our tent, tables and chairs!

If you didn't make it out today, don't fret, there's plenty of time to come tomorrow and Sunday!!! Our specific location is slightly east of Detroit on First Street on the North Side of First. Confusing enough?? ;) We're in between the taco stand and the winery....two VERY important things ;) Bring your dogs, bring your family and bring your smiles because it's a great show to support :)