Friday, May 29, 2009

How NOT to Make a Sale

Here's a little Friday morning story for you....

Yesterday after work, my mister and some of his men friends went to buy supplies to work on our deck. I stayed behind and went on a walk with the beast. I returned and began to order a pizza for the menfolk online (did you know that if you order pizza online, you get an internet discount?!) and the doorbell rang. The beast knows that the doorbell means company and he gets all wound up so, of course, he beat me to the door where I see a man, perhaps in his mid-twenties standing there. I had left the front door open as we were expecting people but this was not one we were expecting...

Here's a cliff notes version of our conversation. I will omit the parts that have no relevance to my story.

Him: Hi! I'm blah blah blah and I'm collecting points so I can go on this trip to blah blah blah. All you have to do is sign up for a magazine and I will get these points.

Me: Um, I don't really give out money for anything.

Him: (loudly) I'm not asking for your money! I don't need your money! If you want to give me your money then I'll take it but I am not asking for money.

Me: Ok then. Well, I don't need any magazines.

Him: You can donate them to a charitable organization.

Me: No thanks, I'm not interested. If my husband weren't busy he might be interested. (my mister will entertain anyone with conversation, I on the otherhand ...)

Him: (very rudely) So what you're saying is that your husband has more personality than you do.

Me: Well that's a nice way of putting it!

Him: Well it's true obviously.

Me: Thanks again but I'm not interested.

So he turns around, takes two steps, spits in our yard right in front of me and walks off. Seriously?!? How about not insulting who you're talking to? How about not spitting on my front walk? How about not selling things door to door! If I want a new magazine, I would go out and get a new magazine! Lord knows one thing I do NOT need more of are magazines!!!

I am one of those people who can't stand door to door solicitors! If there is some sort of service I am needing, some magazine I need to subscribe to or some religion I need to convert to, then I will seek that out myself. Grrrrrrrrr. I think it's time to buy that No Solicitors sign I've been putting off....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

This past holiday weekend the mister, the beast and myself absconded to my family's cabin about an hour outside of Tulsa to hang with my folks and to get out of town! I've not been out there since last August so I was LONG overdue for some cabin time! The beast was also overdue for some free running and water time!

Friday night, I spent some time at Lovett's Gallery to listen to a discussion about Charles Loloma and his evolution of jewelry. I wasn't able to stay for the entire lecture but really enjoyed what I heard while I was there. Incredibly interesting stuff!

Before leaving town Saturday, I had to run errands to the vet and the flea market. My kitties are starting to hit the senior level I guess so we had to make a little unexpected trip to the vet to get one of them checked out. For now everything seems ok... After the vet, I went to do a quick run through the flea market and really scored! There was a little man there perhaps in his mid 60s who had two tables full of all sorts of beads! Apparently, his wife had passed away and left behind her huge collection of her beads. The Oklahoma Bead Society came to his house and helped him with market values of all her stuff and how to go about selling it all. I was lucky enough to happen upon the Flea Market the day he set up! I went crazy!!! There were such great deals, such beautiful beads and some rare finds! After this trip, we finally left town!

The beast has a very peculiar way of sitting on steps. His bum goes on one step while his front feet are on a lower step. He does this at home out back and will sit there for hours watching the yard activity! He is such a nerd :)

My mom took this picture of me to show off how well my necklace and dress match! I made that necklace last week and loved it but had a hard time finding something that it would look good with. Well, I ran out last week to find some sunglasses and saw this dress that I had to have! (I love those type of dresses!) I didn't even realize that the necklace and dress matched perfectly!

The beast LOVES the cabin because he gets to run around like a madman with no leash. He also loves to make a mess in the water.
Usually that small little waterfall is a 10-15 foot drop to the water BUT because of all of the rain we've been having, the waterfall was pretty puny, the playground was flooded and the skeeters were bountiful.
An obligatory self portrait of myself in the new shades. I love red sunglasses for some reason.

I spent much of the weekend finishing my book, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas by Tom Robbins (my hero!) and lounging about. While I was a lazy lazy lady, my mister helped my dad build a shooting shelter, did some fishing and shot some guns. While he was out fishing and my folks were off socializing, I managed to make a fire with damp wood! I was so proud!

While the beast and I lounged outside and watched the fire, I noticed the sun was setting rather beautifully. I'm a HUGE fan of sunsets and will drop everything to get in a better position to appreciate them. The beast and I hoofed it down to the meadow and I managed to get two pictures of the sunset when I noticed the mister was just then bringing in his 'scanoe', as my dad calls it.
Just as I turn and take a few photos of him, I notice that the sky behind him was BLACK. It took a matter of seconds before the temperature dropped and it starting down pouring all over us. The beast and I hauled booty back to the cabin and were nicely drenched upon arrival. The mister showed up minutes later equally soaked. Actually twice that weekend the beast and I got caught walking when a downpour popped up!
I was so upset that my fire that I worked so hard on was slowly being drowned but lucky me, I have a resourceful mister who somehow managed to build a mini roof within the fire pit and saved the fire! It even burned well into the next morning! Yeah fire!
What amazes me about this picture is that you can't tell we are SOAKED in it!

In this little cabin community, there are lots of crafty people scattered about. Two men that have cabins out the with their families decided to start doing some metal works and gave us a gift they made! It's a metal drink holder stand thingy with horseshoes for the feet. Like my description? ;) It's great and I love it!

Sunday night the mister and I stayed behind while folks did their socializing. We made us a (huge) fantastic dinner with the largest steaks evah, grilled asparagus and baked potatoes. It was yummy!
Just a pretty shot looking towards the meadow...
One of the many cool chairs at the 'wigwam' near the damn.
Random exterior shots of the wigwam.
The whole community began in the early twenties, I believe, as hunting cabins later turning into vacationing type cabins. There is a long history to the area that I know I would do no justice trying to explain. The wigwam, or communal meeting place, there was built in 1930.

We got back in town late afternoon on Monday and the beast promptly passed out and slept like a log. Actually, we all did! It was a wonderful weekend and so nice to get away!
This upcoming weekend, our neighborhood is having a garage sale and we are participating! I'm reluctant to put our address on here in case any of you readers are nutso ;) BUT I will share which neighborhood we're in! We live in Mayo Meadow which is in between 21st & 31st and Harvard and Yale. I believe I'm even going to set up the jewelry and see how that goes! If you specifically would like to come by the house and see some jewelry or just say hi, email me at and I'll shoot directions to you :) It's a fun neighborhood to garage sale in...lots of seniors with lots of cool stuff and lots of young couples and families upgrading things! Lots of good opportunities to get new goodies!

Return of the Butt Dart

Every morning I take some time to have my tea, applesauce and breakfast bar and read the news online. Well this morning I read a story that made me pretty happy but before I share, allow me to tell a little story. Can you tell I like to tell stories?? ;)

I spent several years working in administration at a local architecture firm here in town. While I worked there, I became heavily involved in volunteering for the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture and loved everything I experienced with them! One of my favorite things to do with TFA was to join along on their bus tours through the state. Historic homes of Tulsa, Outlaws tour, Art Deco tour and two Route 66 tours. The Outlaws tour and the Route 66 tours were moderated by the amazing Michael Wallis. If you don't know him, you should! He's a gentle giant, a true blue story teller, a voice that you'll never forget, a historical well of information and an all around one-of-a-kind kinda guy. He's authored many books about Route 66, was the historical consultant for the movie Cars AND was the voice of the sheriff's car in the movie! Ok, enough about Michael, more about my story ;)

On one of my Route 66 tours, this one shared with my parents, we stopped at the Rock Cafe in Stroud, OK for dinner and butt darts. Who doesn't love a good game of butt darts!?! Let me explain. You are handed a quarter, are asked to squeeze your cheeks (the cheeks of your butt, that is), place the quarter in between the clothed cheeks, waddle about ten feet while holding the quarter in the aforementioned place, squat down over a Rock Cafe coffee mug and attempt to release the quarter into the cup. More difficult than it sounds. Probably not what you want to do on a first date but it sure was fun to watch and belly roll laugh while trying yourself! Believe it or not, yours truly was successful in her Butt Dart attempt and won that very coffee cup I scored in! Man, I am the epitome of classiness, huh?!?!

About a year after that unforgettable experience, I heard news that the Rock Cafe had burned down. I was truly truly saddened by this news and hoped that I would someday hear that it had been restored. Low and behold, today I got that news! I can't wait to stop off at the Cafe sometime in the near future and see if the mister has the same butt darts skills I have! Ha!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Time Last Year

How about a trip down memory lane today? My memories to be exact! The mister and I are in the midst of spring cleaning and last night he came across a post card I had sent him this time last year while I was in Hungary. I couldn't believe it had already been a year! This revelation made me want to reflect upon the trip and share with you! Goodness you are lucky! ;)

As many of you know, I teach English as a Second Language to adult learners which I LOVE. I finished up my coursework for my Masters in TESL last fall and am loving being done finally! It took me longer to finish my Masters than it did my Bachelors! Well, one of the required courses is the internship class and I decided what better way to intern than to travel abroad to do so! I LOVE to travel internationally so I hopped on board a trip to Hungary that was being planned and completed my internship in Budapest!

Here's my trip in pictures and cliff notes for you!

Firstly, did you know that Budapest is actually two cities that are separated by a river? We stayed on the Buda side in a little cute apartment in a building that looked pretty scary from the road. Inside of the building though, a sunny and charming courtyard appeared with an efficient and cozy apartment for us to stay in.

I spent many of my evenings reading in the living room while everyone else went to sleep early so I grew quite accustomed to staring out of the window. This is a shot taken of my view from the living room apartment window during the day. See, the buildings do look a little scary from the outside! I've always felt a common feeling in all of the Communist block countries I've been to. Hard to explain but there's just a different feeling...

We interned at two different schools, one of which was a Hungarian public high school. I thought the school looked like a Hungarian Hogwarts! For those of you who don't follow Harry Potter, Hogwarts is the school the little wizards attend. There were twisty stairwells, basement classrooms and a castle-like feel to the school. At this school, we observed around 16 English classes in progress, taught students in small groups, interviewed students learning English and interviewed English instructors. It was so eye opening and informative, I reflect back to all I learned at that school so frequently to improve my classes. The students were ridiculously bright and driven to learn.

See the big mess of blonde hair in the back? That's me before I cut it all off! Don't worry, it will be back like that in a year or hair knows no bounds...

Working in a small group....

The second school we interned at was Pazmany Peter Catholic University. We observed and participated in classes for students at the Masters equivalent level who were learning to teach English in Hungary. It was SO interesting to be a part of these classes and see how other people are taught to teach ESL and EFL!
One of the most interesting things, to me, about this school was the a-freaking-mazing architecture! Everywhere I turned there was something else that made my jaw drop. I would have loved to have gone to a school like this!
Inside their student union.
Random campus buildings. This picture doesn't do the buildings justice at all.

Not only did I learn lots on this trip, but I experienced Hungarian culture! What better way to enjoy a new place but to try the local cuisine?! One evening, we went to our Hungarian guide's house (she was technically a guide but is now a good friend!) for a home cooked meal.
The main course was, of course, goulash which I ate the entire time I was there and loved it every single time! In case you didn't know, paprika is their main spice for EVERYTHING. Many people bring home the pap for their main souvenirs even!
Dessert was fried ewe's cottage cheese covered with sour cream and powdered sugar. It took tons of convincing to get me to try this one and I was amazed how much I loved it!
This little beast of a car was my infatuation for much of the trip as it was always parked on our street, beaming yellow and was just asking for my adoration. I had to take a picture with it :)
Throughout my travels, I try and do different types of pampering that the area has to offer. Aryuvedic massages in India, crazy table climbing massages in Mexico, haircuts in Hungary where the hairdresser spoke no English and me, no Hungarian and finally the traditional Turkish hot baths in Hungary. It was quite a sight at times but boy oh boy did that soak feel amazing. It was such an experience to soak in these beautifully tiled, antique pools with naturally heated spring water! I didn't take any photos inside the baths but this is the lobby of Hotel Gellert where we soaked. You can see how detailed the tile was just in the lobby so you can imagine what it was like in the pools!
I also make it a point to visit the clubs in all of the different countries I visit. Hungary was no exception. With my two cohorts in crime, we club hopped and hopped. I experienced being turned away from a men's only gay club, saw the ugliest drag queen in the history of the world, saw the most convincing Britney Spears drag queen ever, danced my little tush off and stayed up way too late with some kickin' people :)

Just as tequila is to Mexico and Saki is to Japan, Palinka is to Hungary. Palinka is a sort of wine type liquor that I equated to a strong schnapps. Lucky for us, there was a Palinka festival during our stay! Now, the Palinka festival was NOTHING like Tulsa's Oktoberfest but it was still a really enjoyable experience! Here's a pic of me with a super small glass of Palinka and oversized glasses...the glasses had to balance out the small glass! ;)

My guide and good friend :)

Another thing I try to do when I travel is find bead shops! You didn't think you'd get all the way through this without some jewelry talk, did you?!? I spent a few days traveling alone to do some antiquing, beading and hair cutting. I was lucky enough to find TWO bead shops while I was there! I picked up some of this and that and securely packed them in my bag (that would later be gone through in locked airport security while I stood and wondered why with an armed guard behind me! Turns out a few of the small palinka bottles that I had wrapped up looked suspicious in the xrays and needed to be securely checked. THAT was an interesting and frightening quality!) and got them home in one piece!
This first piece uses a really really cool brick red glass centerpiece that I had to have.
This piece uses the large, rectangular black and green beads I picked up over there. I also picked up blue and black beads of the same style but can't seem to find the picture of where I used them! I'll keep looking :)
It really blows my mind that it's already been a year and that it really happened! Sometimes my travels feel like a dream to me! The things I miss about Budapest are its awesome public transportation system, the endless supply of goulash, the fresh baked bread on the corner, the cheap pashminas, the record player that played old music above our apartment and my wonderful friend I made.
Thanks for sticking through this long post and reliving my trip with me :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures & Babble Galore

I finally have the time and energy to post pics from Blue Dome this weekend! It all started off ridiculously rocky but turned out to be an amazingly wonderful weekend! Here's some of the photos I snapped throughout the weekend accompanied with my incessant babble :)

A shot of the car loaded up with all sorts of junk! I sometimes joke with the mister that I only married him because he had a car big enough to fit all of my crafting stuff ;) If you look closely, you can see the purple taco stand called Tacos el Velvet Elvis. Those guys were SUCH a hoot! They set up outside of Mercury Lounge on the weekends which is located at 18th & Boston in Tulsa. I strongly suggest saying hi to them if you ever see them out! They will def make you laugh! Did I mention that our booth was set up between the taco stand and a winery??? I think we had the best spot in the festival! ;) The winery was Whispering Meadows which is based out of McAlester and we fell in love with everyone we met from there! I think we'll be making a trip to McAlester to see the winery in person!

Saturday morning's setup was delayed as our tent was broken in the wind storm from Friday night. We hung out for a while that morning while waiting for a backup tent. Here's April and our dear friend Sarah who makes some really kickin jewelry from her Santiquity line. Def check out her stuff! It was a blast to have her set up with us this weekend!

A shot of the wind stricken street Saturday morning. Almost all of the tents that were on our stretch of the street were damaged from the quick storm. Boo!

Our tent stayed put BUT we thought it would have been a good idea to tie onto the other tents next to us. Strength in numbers, right? Wrong. The tent next to us went flying and took our tent's leg with it! Lesson learned!

Another surprise Saturday was turning around and seeing HUNDREDS of people walking down the street without their shoes on! I was first very excited thinking that they were hundreds of eager shoppers but then realized that it had something to do with the band Hanson that played at Mayfest and their desire to make poverty issues in Africa more real here. I realize I'm not explaining it well at all but perhaps a google search would be more informative ;)

The wind was a blessing and a curse all weekend long. We got a kick out of a necklace that almost fell to the ground but was saved by duct tape. Is there nothing duct tape can't do????

Standard shots of the booth.... I'd like to thank my dad for helping me out so much this weekend. He came and saved me from a stressful moment on Friday and came with a bucket o twine that saved us over and over again! I went a little twine happy all weekend long!

Da Booth. That switchplate board that I made has been the best thing ever! I sold so many switchplates this weekend that I have to go into overdrive to make more for our next show!
I walked over later and took a photo of the tent graveyard. What a sad sad sight. I felt like I needed to buy a forty and pour a little out for my homies.
Saturday was a mighty chilly day and I did NOT dress appropriately! The mister and the beast made a trip up to bring me some warmer clothes and to hang out for a while! I like this picture of us :)
The beast was a star! One of the CUTEST things I saw this weekend was when a little boy, who was the same height of the beast, came up to him and said hi. Well, the beast, who typically is NOT a licker, licked that little boy's entire face! The little boy turned around, looked up and said "WHOA!!!!" It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!
I also wanted to mention North of Oz where I got two stunning pashminas! I wear scarves ALL of the time because I'm always cold when other are not! The owner so super super nice and the scarves were all soooooooooo beautiful! I was also lucky enough to be photographed in one of my new purchases and will be on her site soon! I'm famous! ;)
I'm so so so sad the weekend is over although it has been really nice to relax! It always amazes me how draining it can be to do these shows sometimes! You certainly have to love what you do to put yourself through it! I'm already geared up for next year's Blue Dome! Thank you ALL so much for coming out and saying hi! It was so wonderful to meet you all and to say hi to old friends!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blue Dome, Day Two

A short post but an update, none the less!

Well, our tent did not fare well in the storm. Ok, well it somewhat did. We thought it would be a good idea to tie onto the tent next to us which was blown away in the 10 minute storm...well, when that tent went, ours stayed put but it tore off the leg of our tent! There were also 'roof' pieces that were broken as well. First Street this morning looked like a war zone.

After receiving a second loaner tent, sales started and were great all day long!!! This is def a show we will do again! I can't even begin to name all of the people I have gotten to see out there over the past 24 hours but I can say that it's been so much more fulfilling than I thought it would be! I was pleased to also have my mister and the beast hang out for a few hours today :)

We've got one more day left tomorrow from 11-5! I hear that tomorrow is supposedto be BEAUTIFUL so you should come out if you haven't already!

I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful weekend! I will post actual pictures after everything is over with and I have the energy to upload goodies! Until later!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Dome, Day One

Pretty sure this has been one of the longest days EVAH!!! Setup was a beast due to fighting the wind, setting up alone (everyone else didn't have the liberty to take off work like I could), and getting a hellacious sunburn!! I survived though and am so glad I toughed it out because today was AWESOME! We are so close to the Tulsa Craft Mafia who is full of kickin' ladies, Felix & Jane, a winery from McAlester (!) (I will let you know their name before the weekend is up) and many many other talented and super friendly local artists. OH! And I was so stoked to have a visit from Heather of Audrey Eclectic and her beautiful little lady!

We broke down the booth and secured it to the best of our abilities so it would withstand this storm that has recently blown in. We are crossing our fingers everything makes it through! Really all that is left outside is our tent, tables and chairs!

If you didn't make it out today, don't fret, there's plenty of time to come tomorrow and Sunday!!! Our specific location is slightly east of Detroit on First Street on the North Side of First. Confusing enough?? ;) We're in between the taco stand and the winery....two VERY important things ;) Bring your dogs, bring your family and bring your smiles because it's a great show to support :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blue Dome & More!

Goodness I am LOVING all of this rain! KIDDING!!! What, is it day 20 now of our OK rain streak!?! Well, rain or shine, tomorrow begins Blue Dome!!!

Dates & Times for the Festival:
Friday, May 15th, 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday, May 16th, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday, May 17th, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Our booth is W17 which is said to be located at the west end of 1st street. I hope you come by and say hi!

So since my neck/should has been all screwed up this week, I haven't been able to work on large pieces BUT I have been able to work on some small projects! Those of you who have been beading for a while know that you tend to accumulate LOTS of beads, some of which you may never see yourself using. Having been beading for ten plus years, I have loads of beads that I just never knew what I would ever use them for...until lately! I've been making beaded bookmarks! Some are on hemp, others on brushed leather and some on beading twine. Simply enough, each strand has a series of beads on either end and is meant to be placed in the pages of your book! I am all of the time losing bookmarks in my car or under the bed so I personally don't invest in bookmarks that seem to be worth lots. I also enjoy playing with bookmarks while I read and these are perfect for swinging around while daydreaming in a book! Some are longer for textbooks and some are shorter for smutty romance novels ;) Thought I'd give the new idea a try!

The other small project my shoulder will allow me to do is work on earrings. Here's a few that I've put together the past couple of days.

And finally, some of my craft room roommates. I always showcases my cats or the beast but never show off our fishies! We actually have four tanks throughout the house, this one being the second to smallest. Some of my favorite fish to have are silverdollars so that's what's in my craft room! I love to watch them since they are so active and I love how the light reflects off of them! We named them at one point but I only remember Labios the Pleco and Finbad. We rock. :)

Hope to see some of you this weekend!!!