Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snow = The Best Anny Present

Greetings! I believe last time I posted I spoke about hitting the road for the anniversary weekend? Well, plans changed thanks to Oklahoma weather and we ended up staying at home and getting almost 10 inches of snow! It was SO beautiful and was a wonderfully magical way to celebrate our anniversary! Amazingly enough, it was almost all gone the next day!

This is the view, mid day, from my workstation.
It was PERFECT snowball and snowman snow! I can't tell you how many snowmen I saw melting away the next day when we got out! Another huge fan of the snow was our beast. He probably spent the majority of the day running around in it! It was actually his first 'big' snow. We sure got a kick out of watching our big black dog turn white and run around like the maniac that he is!

It was also fun to get bundled up one last time. Here's the old couple now ;)
In other news, IIDA (International Interior Design Association) is having their annual Fabulous Finds Auction and we are, yet again, a contributing donator of jewelry! What is so rad about this year is that their theme is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Design! What better type of event for us to be involved in!?! The two pieces we will have in the Silent Auction portion are this little sweety by April. I love the simplicity of it. It's one of those that can be dressed down or can be that certain amount of UMPFFF that you are needing in an outfit!

Then there is this little flower bud of a necklace that I did a while back. It's got the flower pin side detail and is made from all reused beads (as is the one above).

If you remember, I've been working on our wedding scrapbook which looks like it will take me until our next anniversary to finish! Ok, maybe not that long but it truly is a huge undertaking! It's so much fun to go through all of those goodies though :) AND not being able to work on jewelry at my workspace is getting me excited for when I can actually work on it again! I plan on working long and hard on the scrapbook tonight...halfway there!
I think now I will admit another reason why I haven't worked as much on jewelry's my newfound obsession with the show Heros. We started about a month ago receiving the shows through Netflix and we are truly HOOKED now. We're about halfway through Season 2 and aren't really let down by it like many said we would be. I will also admit that Sylar has been a star in some of my dreams lately! Not necessarily my favorite dream character to have rummaging around in your head but gives me lots to think about the next day! Oooooh, he's so freaking creepy!!!
I should probably get off the Heros subject or I will never stop! Have a great day/weekend/week.....

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  1. Congrats on the snow. We still have sooo much. It seems to keep snowing every day and it has lost its intrigue! Soon it will be spring. I hope. I love the pics and happy anniversary.