Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Oh. My. Goodness. I FINALLY finished our wedding scrapbook a month and a half after I started! It was enjoyable but man oh man was I ready to be done with it! Now my crafting table is cleared of scrap crap and is now ready for other goodies!

My 'opening number'...

My 'spiritual consultant', aka an old friend who did the spiritual side of the wedding, got me all sorts of cool scrapbooking stuff AND this awesome awesome awesome old postcard that says "Two minds but a single thought". I freaking love it! And that postcard is what I used to start the book :)
Here's a couple 'select' pages. This one below is our 'mini-moon' photos. We stayed at the Price Tower in Bartlesville for a few days after the wedding to just get away. If you are not aware of the Price Tower, it is now time to educate yourself! The Price Tower is Frank Lloyd Wright's ONLY skyscraper. I believe 7 floors are dedicated to high end hotel rooms, there's some apartments and some business are located there. There's a upscale restaurant on the top floor as well but when we stayed, the restaurant was closed. Boo. You can take tours of the tower which are super cool too! It is really worth a trip to B'ville.

This is my ending page for all of the wedding business. Aren't we something special? ;)

Starting tonight, I am going into overdrive to get ready for Deluxe in Oklahoma City May 9th! I'm going to churn out LOTS of new switchplates, some wrapped rocks, some kickin' earrings and of course lots of new necklaces :) Only 15 more days until the show!!! I hope my OKC peeps will come out and see me and April! Deluxe is SUCH a fun show and the merchandise there is uh-mazing! I'll share some of the goodies on here that I fashion up! Until later!

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  1. Your scrapbook looks fantastic! I love the intro page, and the leaves you used add the perfect touch. How cool that you stayed at the price tower! I didn't even know there were apartments, now I totally want to live there.

    I can't BELIEVE there are only 15 days til Deluxe, time is just whizzing right past me at the moment!