Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Day for Fine Art Jewelry Show!

Tomorrow is the last day for the No Lines No Production show at Lovett's Gallery!!! It's in the Farm Shopping Center right next door to Hancock Fabrics...and I know all of you crafters know where that is!!!

The opening was tonight and it was AWESOME!!! The jewelry there was so so so inspiring, unique and varied. I'm attaching some (fuzzy and badly lit - sorry!) pictures that I took after it was over. I REALLY do encourage you to go and check it out!

A photo of the gallery itself. I heard one couple of art enthusiasts say that Lovett's is there favorite gallery in town...I would have to agree!

Some of the antique silver and turquoise jewelry they have on hand all of the time there.

Copper and enamel work by a North Carolinan artist and fave of the show!

Some really beautiful silver, aluminum, ebony wood, semi-precious stones and Brazillian Black Walnut pieces.

Long view of a portion of the exhibition. At the bottom of the photo you can see some of the a-freaking-mazing glass flameworked jewelry. You have to see it in person to appreciate the work put into them.

And finally a really bad picture of some really cool jewelry made from reusing found pieces...something I love of course!

The weather should be beautiful tomorrow so go take a stroll through the Farm and check out the jewelry and gallery at Lovetts!!!


  1. I had last-minute company last night, and I felt guilty because as they were sitting in our living room, I was totally thinking about this show lol. It looks amazing!

  2. waylon should use your pics to send with a press release for the NEXT jewelery show. great picts!