Monday, April 20, 2009

Go Get Inspired

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to inform you of one of the most exciting events of this month - perhaps even this season! Lovett's Gallery is a mega cool art gallery and fancy frame shop located in the Farm Shopping Center next to Hancock Fabrics. Friday night through Saturday there will be an AMAZING contemporary jewelry exhibition. This show is called No Lines, No Production (Mr. Ben Sumner got that a little wrong Saturday night on the air) and showcases 10 different fine art jewelry artists. I will be there Friday night manning the tables and drooling over all of the things I'd love to add to my collection. This really is not an event to be missed.

On the other side of Lovett's is a independent Italian restaurant ran by real Italians named Villa Ravenna! I must say, Italian is by far my favorite food but I've yet to make it to this restaurant but perhaps this weekend??? I hope I hope ;) My point in telling you this is so you can make a whole date out of your trip to the gallery!

ALSO, Lovett's is a super cool place in general! The atmosphere is relaxed, the music is always good and the men behind the counter are rad :) If you miss the show, you should stop by the gallery some other time to check out all of the awe-inspiring art that they have on display. They moved locations a little over a year ago and I must say, they did one hell of a job setting up this new gallery, it's quite the snazzy locale.

So go out and see an awesome show and support your local gallery!

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  1. That actually sounds like fun. I don't live too far from the Farm Shopping Center, maybe I'll swing by on Friday night and say hello to you!