Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Organizing

It seems it has been a while! Well, last week, we went out of town for the weekend and returned just in time for me to acquire that HORRIBLE stomach virus that is going around. If you get it, I suggest rest, gatorade, crackers and a very supportive person to be a nurse to you during the whole event. That little illness pretty much took out my entire last week. BUT, I'm back now! Yeah! And I've actually been super busy.

This Friday is the jewelry class for the ESL students and I am so so so stoked about it! I've been working on some pieces for examples on how to do things in the class. I'll share all about that later :)

For today though, I am going to share about organization! Some would argue that I'm overly obsessive about organization but I prefer to think of it in the terms of I'm always looking for ways to make things work better. For quite some time, I've store my jewelry in a certain manner and it seems to have worked OK. I was always on the hunt for something that would work better though. Well, that something found me!

My mom decided this Christmas season to reorganize her Christmas ornaments, an item she does not lack volume of! Lucky for me, she overshot her need for storage containers and passed along the rest for me! Yeah handmedowns!!!

The containers are so handy because you can snap multiple levels together and they are topped off with a sturdy handle!

They each come with cardboard dividers for your ornaments. I tried to figure out a way to use the cardboard dividers for jewelry dividers but it just wasn't working. They were a bit too flimsy and if I connected them as intended, jewelry wouldn't fit quite right inside of them. So I got a little crafty ;)

I went and purchased a sheet of foamcore board (I need to buy one more to do two more boxes!) and measured the length and height of each box. I scored the foamcore accordingly, cut each one down and now had dividers!

Then I got all eighties on the box and pulled out the oh so lovely glue gun. There's something to be said about using a glue gun. It's not really the best choice for fancy projects BUT it's great for something that you may change around in the future and don't necessarily want to be permanent! So I glue-gunned in my dividers and, TA-DA!, you have jewelry dividers!

The length of the box is great for laying out necklaces and the dividers allow for color organization...one of my favorite kinds of organizing ;)

Then, you simply hook the trays together, snap on the nifty lid and you're ready for transport! And the green and red lid has a little poinsettia leaf on the top of it; always reminding you of Christmas! Ha!

So now I've two more of these to do. Only took about 30 minutes to do with most of the time spent measuring and cutting the foam core! I'm so so so happy to be upgrading my storage units! It's been a long time coming ;)

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  1. I wish so much I was an organized girl. How did the beading go with your students? I have been wondering about you. If you check my profile, I have started a blog about teaching ELA in North Dakota. I thought you might be interested. I would love to hear some comments. We are currently doing some assessment work. Take care. Stop by soon.