Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Is Oh So Sweet

Happy Spring Break! I'm off from teaching this week but am working full time at my other job...but I am thoroughly enjoying the weather and the attitude that spring break brings with it! Not much news around these parts. Just working on setting up summer shows! As of now, we've been accepted to the Spring Deluxe in Oklahoma City which I'm SO stoked about! The last show they did was SO much fun, had wonderful vendors and great attendance! I'll post more about that show closer to time :)

I've attached a few pics of new stuff we've done! The first four are some of April's new goodies and the last one is one I did a little while ago...

Another variation of April's Dream Necklace. We need to photograph this on a person so you can see how it lays.

And here's one that April did that I just love!!! Parts of it once began as a belt....

And my sweet little romantic one to finish things off.
Enjoy the beautiful weather, Oklahomies! To everyone else, enjoy everyday!

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  1. These are great. The top one if my favorite. The weather is getting better here too, but the high was only 22 today. I can feel spring coming though. Have a great spring break.