Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm in the mood

Looks like springtime has arrived in Oklahoma! We had some mighty storms come through last night and rattle the windows! I do enjoy a good thunderstorm but can do without the tornadoes that sometimes swoop through. Gives me chills to think about!

This weekend was close to perfect weather wise, though. On Saturday I ended up spending half of the day running much needed errands, one of which was stopping by the Flea Market. Now, I know a stop like that isn't necessarily a vital errand but I sure do love going there! As I turned into the parking lot, I saw a sign for a bead show there too! I had NO idea this was going on! I happened to be on the phone with my mister and when I told him of the impromptu bead show stop, he bid me farewell for the rest of the afternoon ;) Unfortunately, we're broke as a joke so I could merely browse though the baubles and bits, which is fine by me as I often find those shows more inspiring than anything! They get me in the mood to work on new things! It was a nice surprise to the weekend.

Another fun surprise that has been slowly taking shape is a bit of rearranging in my beading corner! I work in our spare bedroom which has limited space. I do not complain one bit though! I'm just glad to have a workspace I don't have to clean up every time we are going to have company! Basically all that has changed in my work station is moving my tall shelf to be back against the wall as opposed to the corner and the addition of a shelf my dad and I built a few years back which makes SUCH a difference when working on big projects! It's truly a 100% functional space now! Oh, and we folded up the old folding chair and replaced it with a little chair I purchased many moons ago from one of those shops with furniture out front on Cherry Street. It's nice to have a chair in there now that I have a little history with as opposed to the not-so-inviting folding chair.

Sometimes when I find myself in a creative slump, I find that rearranging or reorganizing can immediately help me get back in the mood to create!

You can see I use an old gate-leg table for my workspace which works out fabulously when needing to expand for larger projects or it can be made much smaller and less conspicuous when needing to clean up! It is a family heirloom that I have used as everything from a beading station, computer desk, tv stand, kitchen table.... It's a great piece of furniture :)

So this Sunday marks my mister and mine's first anniversary of being husband and wife! We are skidaddling to the countryside for the weekend and I'm SO ready for it! I'm needing to get out of the city for a bit! That all being said, I have put away the beads and jewelry for a short while and am finally working on our wedding scrapbook! Having all of the extra shelving in my work area now allows me to work on different types of projects in that spot now!

When I was MUCH younger, I got into the trendy scrapbooking trend but shortly after, bucked what I learned and started scrapbooking more in my style. A dear dear friend of mine gifted me some really pretty papers and stickers though to use for this one so I'm having fun dolling the book up! The pink paper you see below is vintage wrapping paper one of our gifts was adorned in. I thought, what better way to save it then to use it in our scrapbook!?!

It's been so much fun to go back through all of that stuff and just be amazed that it's been a year already! I got a good one, this I know ;)


  1. I like. Wish I could get organized in my room like that. Maybe on Saturday I'll get inspired.

  2. I have an entire spare bedroom as my beading room. I find I cannot get creative unless it is rather messy. I tend to leave a lot of items out on top of the desk area where I have my Ott lamp. On the other side of the room is my wrap around computer unit. Kind of messy, too. Really should be putting a lot of items away. Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary!

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

  3. Your crafting space is amazing, I would be inspired too if I was hanging out in a cute little spot like that!

    Congratulations on the anniversary. I'm the same as you with the scrapbooking thing, for me it was fun for about 5 minutes lol. But the supplies are still here, and they do come in handy from time to time. I still enjoy paper crafts, but my scrapbook has been neglected for years now.

  4. Love your space! I especially love your chair!!